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Miracle dua-wazifa to cure sciatica pain & its causes

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To get quick relief from sciatica can sometimes be hard as the debilitating pain makes it hard for the affected person to find a comfortable position to sit, stand and even lie. Here is a powerful dua-wazifa to give you not only instant cure but also remove spiritual blockages that cause it.

Without going into the details of what emotional, psychological and spiritual issues may have caused you to develop sciatica problem, just concentrate all your energies, focus and will power on getting rid of the problem -- on all levels (mental/spiritual and physical) -- through this powerful prayer and supplication.

Dua-wazifa with method 

This miracle dua-wazifa has to be practiced at fajr by reciting Surah Fatiha 41 times between 2 rakat Sunnah and 2 rakat fard Salah. You need to get up a bit early for your fajr salah so you can complete your recitation before starting your fard 2 rakat of fajr. Please follow the below steps to complete the entire process.

Step 1) Offer 2 rakat Sunnah of Fajr prayer
Step 2) After 2 rakat Sunnah, start reciting Surah Fatiha 41 times
Step 3) Blow on your hands after completing your recitation and do a damm on your lower back area (sciatic nerve). Having done with damm on the lower back part, now move your hands over your head, the entire face, neck, heart area and chest, abdominal part, then again the lower back, and finally down to legs and both feet.
Step 4) Offer 2 rakat fard of Fajr prayer

Note: If you are getting late for fard 2 rakat in Fajr, you can do your Surah Fatiha recitation after offering prayer. However, try to follow the recommended method.

Dua wazifa to remove sciatica pain

How long should you continue wazifa

Continue practicing the dua-wazifa until you get relief from pain. Even, after getting pain relief continue the wazifa because you must know that most of the times sciatica problem occurs due to several spiritual and mental issues.

Getting rid of the sciatica pain is one thing, but cutting through spiritual blockages and permanently ending the problem is another. Since we want to completely remove the cause as well, we need to prepare working hard and focus on permanent healing, not just quick relief. For this, you need healing on both levels: physical and spiritual (mental).

Spiritual causes of sciatica problem

In many cases, spiritual blockages manifest themselves physically in the form of lower back pain. Please be mindful, if you have been living a healthy life and have never injured your back, lifted heavy weights, chances are, your sciatica problem is caused by spiritual issues.

Here are some of the most common spiritual reasons that can manifest by affecting your sciatic nerve and lower back area:

  • Fear of losing freedom due to possible failure in material life.
  • Financial troubles and lack of motivation for progress 
  • Lack of confidence and assertiveness
  • Disturbed sexual life 
  • Evil eye
  • Past unwanted and negative memories that have not been addressed by you (these past events and memories resurface themselves by attacking your sciatic nerve as this part is associated with survival and your material life) 

Thanks for reading Miracle dua-wazifa to cure sciatica pain & its causes

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