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Ya Salamu benefits, meaning and wazifa

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Ya Salamu is one of Allah's 99 names and it is also very popular when it comes to zikr (dhikr) or tasbeeh as many Muslims recite it on a regular basis in form or another.  

Al-Salam is an ism of paradise. Allah particularly used this ism for Prophets. [Professor Rafiq Akhtar].

In this post, we will have a look at this beautiful Ism of Allah by learning its meaning and getting to know its benefits and advantages through different wazifa recommended by scholars and spiritual healers. 

In Arabic

يا سلام‎


The Giver of Peace

Benefits of reciting

There are countless benefits of Ya Salamu but the most prominent ones are the ones that actually concern with people's day-to-day life and problems. So we will stick to them as they are recommended and explained by scholars. 

1) Cure from illness and diseases (shifa) 

Ya Salamu is powerful for curing any type of disease and illness. Regular recitation or reciting to a certain number of times can give you the desired results. Reciting it 141 times and then blowing on the patient will cause healing by the will of Allah. 

2) Maintaining good health

Given its meaning "free from all defects and loss" Ya Salamu zikr enables its reciter to maintain good health. 

3) Confidence is gained | All fears are gone

Tasbeeh of this beautiful ism will give confidence to the practitioner and remove all kinds of fears from their heart. 

4) Conflicts end 
Ya Salamu is a powerful remedy for ending conflicts, ill-will and discomfort among people, family members and relatives. Regular recitation will bring peace among people. 

5) Peace and barakah in house
If there is a family crisis and disharmony in your house, recite this name on a regular basis, particularly after each salah. Do its zikr and tasbeeh as often as you can, while sitting, lying and when you have free time. Inshallah your house will become full of peace. 

6)Increase in knowledge and wisdom
If you want to gain wisdom and knowledge that benefit you both in this world and in akhirah, you must make Ya Salamu part of your regular recitation. As a wazifa, you should recite it 1000 times after fajar, salah and you will see your vision expand every day Inshallah. 

7) Peace at the time of death

If anyone want to die a peaceful death, this ism is for them.  

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Professor Rafiq Akhtar, a well-known Islamic speaker from Pakistan, says that in today's chaotic world that is full of anxiety, depression and conflicts, if a Muslims does not benefit from the Ism As-Salam, he/she is unfortunate. 

If you have been practicing Ya Salamu wazifa for a while now, please share your experience in the comment section and let others know. 

Thanks for reading Ya Salamu benefits, meaning and wazifa

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