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What is wazifa in simple words?

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, December 22, 2018

Wazifa is a form of recitation or dhikr that is done to achieve a desired result within a specified period of time. Certain words or verses are chosen from Quran and other Islamic text, and recited repeatedly until the prayer is answered. Setting a deadline (3, 11 or could be 40 days) for wazifa is also common, which is usually recommended by a spiritual healer or practitioner.

The literal meaning of wazifa is “to employ” or simply put, "to take on", “to put something into practice.”

Is wazifah the same thing as dua?

Unlike regular dua prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah, wazifa is based on repeating words and recitations for a set number of times and a set deadline for the desired result or a wish to happen. A typical wazifa is done for 3, 11, 21 and 40 days straight. On the other hand, a dua does not involve certain words as any words can be used, nor does it require a set deadline to be completed.

Wazifa is more like a ruqya than dua

It obviously doesn’t make sense to compare wazifa with dua, but it can be compared with ruqya – a popular practice in the Arab world that has continued since the time of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and Sahaba (May Allah be pleased with them). Companions (RA) of Prophet (SAW) used to perform ruqya for healing purposes even before they had entered Islam.
To gain a better understanding of how and why ruqya was permitted by Prophet (SAW) even though it has not been prescribed in the Quran and Ahadees like dua and prayers, check out this video: 

Is wazifa directly mentioned in Quran and Hadith?

Although wazifah is not a popular term as far as the Arab Muslim world and authentic Islamic scripture go as it is not mentioned in the Quran and Hadith as a ritual or practice, its use as a form of dua is mostly common in places like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where plenty of material on the subject can be found in the form of books written in local and regional languages.

What schools of thought recommend and use it

Wazifa is popular among Deobandi, Brelvi and Shia schools of thought from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are trained practitioners (commonly known as amil) who recommend wazaif to people wanting to have their wishes fulfilled.
Salafi schools of thought don’t encourage using wazaif, even those living in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Although I have seen and even met a few spiritual healers from ahle hadees school of thought, general perception about the use of wazaif among salafis is obvious: anything not coming from authentic Quran and Hadith cannot be trusted and should be avoided in order to be on the safe side.   

What wazifa advocates say

Spiritual healers/amils from brelvi and deobandi schools of thought have their reasons to permit the use of wazaif. Common assertion from these groups is that anything that is not against the guidelines and instructions of the Quran and Sunnah cannot be deemed illegal or forbidden (haram). If a wazifa is derived from Quran verses, let’s say the names of Allah or a certain Surah is recited for a certain number of times, it is permissible as it doesn’t involve shirkyah words (kalimaat). 

What’s with the set amount of numbers in wazifa – what’s the myth?

As for the numbers, there is no hard and fast rule for how many times a wazifa should be done because set numbers of recitation (1000 times for example) is just intended for the person to get in the flow and keep their conscious mind on Allah/subject/desire/goal/wish. Staying focused on supplication/dua is of paramount importance and in the Quran Allah has even warned those who are not mindful and present during their salah.  

Problems and issues wazifa is used for

In most cases, wazifa is used to solve problems and issues related to material world like health, wealth and relationships. There are tons of problems and issues that people want to solve and they resort to wazaif as an easy fix because all they have to do is sit, recite, repeat and continue the practice for a few days and convince God to fulfill their wish.
Some of the common topics and things people use wazifa for include marriage problems, pregnancy and baby birth, cure of black magic and evil eye, success in business and money, cure and healing of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and physical disabilities. 

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