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7 Types of Empath Explained

  Anonymous       Saturday, June 6, 2020
There are 7 major types of empath and you can have different signs within you that are related to each or some of these types mentioned below. Empath people are most creative and intuitive. As far as their negative traits go, the good part is empath can turn the negative into positives as opposed to narcissists. Empaths are flexible in their behavior and can work to improve themselves relatively easier than narcissists. Empaths have inborn psychic abilities but they are unique. For example, each empath person will embody some characteristics of each or some types or all as mentioned below. 

1-Plant Empath 
You have a knack for plants. You are going out for a grocery and your mind attracts the plants sitting in the nursery nearby. Having done the grocery, you go there and check their new inventory of new plants every now and then. You love to keep plants in your house and room. You easily pick energies from the plants and know more about the types of different plants than anybody else.  If you have this type of inclination towards plants, you are surely a plant empath.

2-Physical Empath
You have the ability to pick up the energy and aura of people who are physically around. If you are a healer, you instruct your clients to be physically present for healing sessions because it enables you check your spiritual symptoms by physical proximity. You can read the actual source of the problem by merely feeling and touching the physical symptoms of your client.  This characteristic can also be dubbed as medical empathy whereby you help people fight off disease by actually locating the source of the problem through their physical symptom. 

3-Animal Empath
You have great connection and affinity with animals. You keep animals: cats and dogs as pet. You understand how sensitive these animals are and sometimes can even convey important messages to you. 

4-Medium Empath
A medium empath is a person who has the ability to communicate with medium: spirits and fragments of deceased people.  You can feel the energy and emotions of these unseen entities. 

5-Geomantic Emapth
The signs of a geomantic empath is that he is fascinated and deeply connected with all aspects of geography. In school days, his favorite subject was geography and he likes to read up a lot on earth and how it works. They quickly develop the psychic abilities of gleaning information from the earth and can predict natural disasters such as earthquake and floods. 

6-Emotional Empath
This is the most common type of empath. You can pick up the emotions of other people quite easily. It comes naturally to you. If you are in a relationship with somebody, you feel their emotions everyday and if that person is your client, you can identify the problems merely by scanning the emotions. 

7-Claircognizant Empath
This type of empath are not very common but they are there. Claircognizant emapths have this unique ability to just know things intuitively and most of the times their information is 100 percent correct. They are very spiritual by nature and can detect the intentions and energy of other people without using any medium such as plants, animals or emotions. 

Empathy usually has more to do with emotions and it is a trait in itself. These above mentioned 7 types of empath are significant if you are exploring the different types of spiritual healers.



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