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10 Clear Signs You Are a Psychic

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There are inherent psychic abilities in all of us-human beings and there are only a few among us who polish and enhance this innate ability to help themselves and others. A psychic is a person who has the ability to see and feel things that are beyond normal senses. By using clairvoyance and telepathy, a psychic gains access to information that is hidden to the human eye and general people. There are some signs that prove you have enormous psychic abilities and all you need is focus on enhancing that skill to become fully functional psychic. 

10 Signs that Tell You're a Psychic

There are a lot of people among our friends, family members, whose dream often come true, they predict things in advance correctly, and know the flashes of events years and month before they actually happen.  They can also have access to past life events that have occurred. They have the ability to see things in advance with intuition and sixth-sense that ordinary people cannot.    

1-Strong Intuition 

You have heightened intuitive abilities. The intuition comes directly from our Higher Self and the classic example of psychic intuitive ability is when a person is able to foresee the upcoming events in next few days, months or even years. Similarly, you can also predict and foretell the dangerous events and mishaps and it gives you the ability prepare to face them in advance. 

2-Deja Vu Experiences

You frequently have deja vu experiences and you experience things that you feel in the moment has already come to pass in your past. You can clearly connect the present event with one you already experienced and there is too much similarity to observe between the two. If you are frequently experiencing deja vu, it is a strong sign that you are a psychic. 

3- Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance is derived from "clear" and "vision" and it refers to the faculty of seeing clearly the events and glean related information related to them. If you feel you have frequent clairvoyance experiences in your life, chances are that you are psychic and you probably do not know that. You get visions either in dreams or awake that convey greater meanings to different situations, people and events. 


You have the ability to communicate with other peoples, friends, relatives or coworkers using telepathy. You do not do it on purpose or necessarily know the inner workings of telepathy. You often communicate with your loved ones in dreams and in very deep reverie. If you feel it often occurs to you, these are the signs that you are a psychic. 

5- You Have Empathy

You are a person with greater sense of empathy towards other people. You can accurately sense the moods, situations and circumstances of people.  You can also sense what other people are thinking and you adjust you communication with them accordingly. You love to help people in need even if the help offered is of very spiritual nature and not material. 

6-Vivid Dreams 
Not only do you have the ability to see vivid dreams but you also see dreams that are relevant to real-life situations and offer you some kind of insight and advice. You also remember the dreams clearly and are able to convey them to your family members or friends. 

7-You Often Talk To Your Deceased Loved Ones

You have this unique way to speaking to and communicate with the loved ones who have passed away from this world years ago. For example, you may find yourself talking to your deceased mother. In that speaking encounter, you are usually talking about matters that are significant to your current life. 

8-Foreboding the danger

You have this peculiar ability of sensing the danger in advance.  You see unfavorable incidents before they actually materialize in real life and you create a strategy to deal with the dangerous situation accordingly. 

9-You Speak to Non-Human Entities, Spirits

You have this ability to speak to spirits, demons and non-human entities. If there is a haunted house in the town, you would sense from a mile and probably speak to some of the entities in there. If any such incident has occurred to you, it shows you have great psychic abilities. 


You have this ability to sense and feel the aura of places spiritually and energetically. You can clearly discern between bad and good aura of places and even people. 

What To Do If You Have Psychic Abilities?

If you have psychic abilities, it does not necessarily mean you should offer your services professionally to other people. You do not have to make it a business enterprise. These psychic traits can dramatically improve your life at a personal and social level. You will make friends who are loyal, you will marry the person who will stay with you till the last breath and you will be in a job you really like. 


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