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Quranic dua to convince anyone | Wazifa ruqyah prayer

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Sometimes you are in a situation where convincing others is highly important for you and their approval means a lot. But if we are not fully confident in God's presence and power through duas and prayers, we lose our mental, verbal and emotional strength and fail to get our message across.

Here is a Quran-based dua that can enable us to express our ideas and thoughts in a manner that the listener understands us, and that leaves us in a powerful position.  This is powerful because if it's done with complete faith, you will have 100% success Inshallah.

Easy and Powerful Wazifa 

This dua can be done in the form of a wazifa. Wazifa, like a ruqya, is nothing but an organized and repeated effort to ask Allah for your desire.

1) Recite Surah Fatiha one time
2) Recite this dua three times
3) Close your eyes, imagine the person you want to convince, blow on them
4) Recite Surah Fatiha one time at the end


If you have done ruqya and you find it suitable as some people have a hard time reciting or reading Arabic text. You can listen to this dua multiple times, with your eyes closed imagining that Allah has fulfilled your desire to persuade the person you intend to.

Sometimes, it is hard to make people understand you and this causes mental stress if your desire to get your task done is strong. With this dua done with full trust in God and heartfelt gratitude, you can seek help from Allah and make persuasion easy Inshallah. Please be mindful that you are supposed to practice this dua for only permissible (halaal) desires.

Here are some of the people you might want to convince for whatever permissible desire/thing you have in your mind.


Parents can sometimes be hard to convince and persuade, but if your wish is lawful, realistic, and the one Allah has permitted you to make, you have every right to try to make your father or mother understand your point. Recite this prayer in silence with full focus on the mercy, power and generosity of Allah.

Maybe, you want to convince your parents for marriage but they are delaying without any valid reason and it's costing you too much in terms of your mental wellbeing, aging and factors like a possibility of sin (zina).


A wife may have a valid, important wish that she wants her husband to understand but is afraid to talk due to his anger or negative reaction. These women can practice the wazifa above or listen to the ruqya multiple times if they not good at reciting Arabic texts and verses.

In some cases, a wife wants and the entire family wants a baby but the husband is not willing without any valid and permissible reason. This dua-wazifa can be practiced.

Boss and employers

Maybe you are a person working at a job and you may have valid desires such as increment in pay, or seeking approval for a certain project. Maybe you have been wanting a salary raise but lack the confidence to express your ideas to your rude boss. Due to the lack of powerful ideas, confident tone and the right word, your case can end up in failure. So, you need this prayer-dua.

Anyone who has power over you

In addition to the above-mentioned people, you can use this dua and wazifa for anyone whom you think is hard to talk to and persuading them is impossible. These persons could be government officials, teachers, judges at courts, immigration officers, interviewers for employment, and powerful people whom you fear due to respect or their arrogance.

Thanks for reading Quranic dua to convince anyone | Wazifa ruqyah prayer

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