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Bismillahil ladhi la yadurru - Benefits, blessings and virtues

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Duas and prayers are not only a way to ask Allah to bless us with what we desire, but they are also a way of acknowledging Allah.

Dua is a give-and-take task, in which you seek a benefit by turning to God, and in return, you give the Lord the appreciation and value He deserves. You acknowledge the might, power, mercy and attributes of Allah before making a supplication and after getting your benefit.

Bismillahil ladhi la yadurru

Hadith: Nothing will harm him

"If anyone says this dua three times, he will not suffer sudden affliction till the morning. And if anyone says this in the morning, he will not suffer sudden affliction till the evening," Narrated Uthman bin Affan - Abu Dawood 5088.


How to practice as dua, wazifa and ruqya

With this prayer available to us thanks to Prophet Mohammad SAW and His SAW companions (May Allah be pleased with them, we can make the most of these powerful words. Here are simple steps to follow:

This dua should be recited in the morning after fajr salah, or any time you wake up. And in the evening, after Asr salah.
  1. Seek God's protection from Satan by reciting "Auodubillah and Bismillah" in full form
  2. Recite this dua three times.
  3. Blow on yourself and on anything that you want Allah to protect.

Importance | Benefits | Blessings

Getting safety, protection, relief, and ease without acknowledging the giver is selfishness and ingratitude, isn't? Allah is able to give us safety and total protection from everything, all  He wants us to do in return is acknowledge Him by accepting the fact that help only comes through Him and then
transforming that feeling into sincere thankfulness.

So, by making this dua part of our everyday life, we not only protect ourselves from worldly harms, we also acknowledge Allah, which is the ultimate reality and indication we are on the right path that leads to eternal success.

Protection from all kinds of harms

Given the word mentioned in the hadith above, sudden affliction can mean any kind of trouble, damage, harm, evil, distress, threat and loss. Here are the three of the most fundamental areas for which this prayer can be used to protect us Inshallah.

1) Health

Health is the most important aspect of any person's life and if this area of life isn't good, we cannot achieve success not just in this world, but it can also make it hard for us to perform our religious duties. 

How can we live to the fullest if our health does not even allow us to? With poor health, married life can become affected, overall life can become a great challenge. If we aren't physically fit, we cannot perform well in social life as it can force us to limit our contact with people.

Health issues sometimes develop into life-threatening diseases as well. Cancer, diabetes, Hapetitus, different kinds of viruses, bodily damage as result of accidents and other related threats.

Many Muslims are afflicted with a variety of health issues and some times, they are unaware of how unseen spiritual world works. With Satan, djinns and dark entities constantly lurking to hurt us through evil eye, jealous stares, competition, anger, grudge for others, we work against our our physical health. Satan loves to see us in pain and misery, so let's make sure we will stick to Allah through this powerful dua.

2) Wealth and rizq

Wealth and rizq is one of the most important blessings of God, given to any person. So, its protection is extremely important and it can best be done by making this prayer part of our daily life. In order to live a life of security, both on physical and spiritual level, we need constant and adequate supply of money and financial resources.

Wealth and rizq encompasses a huge aspect of our needs. It can range from money (currency notes, bank balance), assets and valuable properties, the clothes that we wear to cover our bodies in the best and most elegant manner, job business that brings financial freedom to us, the house or the shelter that we live in, the food we consume in order to keep our heart pumping and life going smoothly, necessities and daily-use luxuries such as vehicles and travel, recreation, education for kids, and there's a huge list of big and small things that fall under the category of rizq or wealth.

I have listed these everyday-use, common and obvious things so that you will know how important this dua is for our own benefits. Allah wants to make life easy for us, not hard.

Quran: Allah wants ease for humans and lighten up the burden

3) Relationships, family and social life

Humans are social. They are born into a family structure and grow with it all their life. Your relationships, family and social life must be protected in order for you to live a happy and fulfilled life. Your family is your parent's, siblings, spouse and children. It then extends to relatives such as uncles, aunts and cousins and so on.

If a person suffers from any kind of harm, it's natural for everybody in their family to suffer in one form or another. And unless they have sought God's protection through prayer, such as this one recommended in Hadith, they are likely to suffer pain, fear, and sadness (may Allah keep everyone us safe), which in turn will affect their overall well-being.

Spiritual and mental benefits

Not only for blessings in the physical world, this dua should also be recited for spiritual and mental benefits. Whether we understand it or not, Allah informs us of an unseen realm of life where Satan plays its games. This unseen world is full of unseen elements that we cannot see, but these elements try to attack our mental and spiritual health.

This authentic dua is the most powerful weapon against these unseen enemies that lurk behind the scenes and try to derail us from the life of success. Some of the common benefits and threat-removals this prayer brings us by the will and mercy of Allah.
  • Black magic is removed
  • Evil eye is healed
  • Jealousy ends
  • Anger control is achieved
  • Fear will be gone

Thanks for reading Bismillahil ladhi la yadurru - Benefits, blessings and virtues

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