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Dua from Quran for successful public speech

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Do you have a big public speech to give, but you are unsure of how well it is going to be? If so, then being Muslim you must know you have a dua from Quran at your disposal, which is all about effortlessly and successfully conveying your message to the audience or listener.

Recited by Prophet Musa (Peace be Upon Him) when he was starting to give dawah to Pharaoh and his people, this dua aims at asking God to give you the ability to powerfully convey your message to the listener you intend to address to.

Islamic dua for giving public speech

Listen to dua multiple times

Listen to this dua, with your eyes closed. Imagine Allah has listened to your prayer and you have given a successful speech delivery.  

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  • Stage fright and anxiety will not touch you Inshallah: By allowing Allah to step in and take charge of your mind, tongue and words, you simply flow through the moment as fear of the audience gets minimized. Thank Allah in advance for removing stage fright.
  • Audience will understand you: When we are coming with divine force, the people, their judgment and our own fears and doubts disappear. You will gain renewed confidence and power by surrendering to Allah. Give thanks to God in advance for this benefit.
  • Right ideas and words will flow through your tongue: Our mind is limited as it is based on past memory and experience. When faced with tough and critical audience, it's natural for a public speaker to lose momentum. But when you already surrender to the Creator of ideas and words and the Creator of your and your audience's mind, nothing can shake you Inshallah. 
  • You will capture audience attention with unseen power: When we truly trust something more powerful and more intelligent than our tiny little self, our mind relaxes and sits on the back seat, and then help and aid flows to us like a miracle. Give thanks to Allah in advance for this benefit.
  • You will feel you are more mature than the listeners: I have experienced this sense of great control and power over my listeners many times, that it seems you are explaining things to a five-year-old child. With Allah by your side, you miraculously break out of the psychological trap that gives false impression about your audience's level of awareness and maturity. The Infinitely Intelligent Lord is the winner every single time when we put our trust in Him. 
  • You will not care about listeners' reaction: The miraculous power of this dua is that you gain bullet-proof confidence when it comes to listeners' reaction. You don't care what they think about you. All you will care about is the delivery of your speech. Your only goal is to powerfully convey your message. The rest will be handled by Allah inshallah.
  • You don't care about audience approval or rejection: Once you firmly fix your speech goal in your mind with heartfelt thanks to Allah through this dua, you stop being hungry for approval by your audience. Yes, you like respect from the audience, but don't put them on a pedestal. You don't owe them money. They will be sitting there just to listen to what you have to say, not become your judge. What if the audience is not friendly? Who cares? Are they God? They are tiny little humans just like you with countless flaws and weaknesses of their own. Don't let the audience become God in your own mind. Only Allah's approval is what really matters.

Tips for powerful results

It's not enough to have a vague and weak desire to perform your best for public speech. You will need to convince Allah that you have a burning desire and you really want Him to make you a successful speaker at the coming event, debate, conference, or a large gathering or whatever platform you are aiming to speak to.

Let Allah know you trust His ability to make you successful public speaker

Who is more powerful, Allah or your audience? You have to have a firm belief in the abilities, might, power and mercy of Allah. If trusting Allah seems difficult to you, don't worry. Just show willingness and sincerity that you really want to put your complete trust in Him.

Be as honest and sincere you can be. Express your weaknesses, fears for giving public speech. Tell him that you lack speech quality, you don't have a great posture, you shake when get on stage, and you are worried about how the audience is going to respond. Just tell Him honestly and say in your heart that "I am ready to rely on you, no matter what happens."

Thank in advance 

This step is the most powerful and miraculous. When we thank God for something in advance, He gives us that thing. Why? Because He likes it when we acknowledge His powers and mercy and praise Him with sincere heart.

You can thank Allah in advance by imagining yourself on the day of your speech and giving the best performance. Imagine the successful scenes and applause and appreciation from the audience. Now, in your imagination and in heart, express deepest thanks for Allah for giving you what you asked Him.

Practice this thankfulness scene over and over again until your day of speech. You will be surprised with the results as shukr is the highest form of surrender to God. 

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Thanks for reading Dua from Quran for successful public speech

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum Sir/Ma'am, this post has really boosted my energy and confidence. As a person who has anxiety, I am very much relaxed after reading this post. I have my geology presentation tomorrow, please pray for me. And May Allah reward you all for your work...

  2. I have presantantation this time ,please pray for me


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