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How to pray for protection amid Coronavirus

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Gratitude alone can rip any virus to shreds by the mercy of the Most High God. Gratitude is not only the noblest of all virtues, but it's also the most powerful healing prayer available to us thanks to the Lord.

Please understand this fundamental and unique principle of thankfulness: Whatever blessing, relief or thing we express our thanks for, God increases that thing/blessing/relief.

Step 1) Thank God for existing favours regarding Coronavirus

As the gratitude principle tells us: Whatever we are thankful for, God increases that for us. Apply it and you will see it for yourself. And you will be surprised to know how much Allah loves His praise and acknowledgment.

Gratitude healing prayer for Coronavirus

I thank You for keeping me alive, and  I am sorry for feeling entitled to life
"Dear Lord, thank You for keeping me alive and protected from Coronavirus. I am grateful to You that I am alive so that I can appreciate You for your kindness, mercy, power and intelligence being showered upon me in the form of countless blessings, relief, joy, ease and protection. Words fail to express my thanks to You. So, please accept my gratitude and repentance."

Lord, I am really sorry for feeling deserved and entitled to life and my existence. I promise I will try my best to always acknowledge You for generously allowing me life, for nurturing me and my family."

Tip: Imagine, for a few minutes, losing your life. Think about all the pain and misery that could have been inflicted upon you in the form of virus. Imagine losing life suddenly, without having to correct yourself, your character, your acknowledgment for God, your deeds. Now, back to reality, feel the gratitude. Say thanks with intensity. 

Thank You for mental and emotional strength amid Coronavirus
"Lord, I thank You for not making me weak, fearful and anxious due to the ongoing Coronavirus spread. There are people who are living under constant fear because one of their family members has either died or been quarantined.

"Lord, anxiety and worry itself is enough to weaken my spirits and confidence. I thank You for empowering my mind as You keep fears and doubts from entering my mind."

Thank You for availability of food, resources and overall peace
"Lord, although people are panicking due to fear, You are providing me with food, shelter, resources and keeping me in peace. Thank You, it's a huge favor. I am sorry for feeling entitled to these precious blessings as I admit that I have been forgetful, selfish and negligent when it came to acknowledging You for these favors."

Thank You for medical aid, doctors and treatment 
"Lord, I thank You for creating, functioning and making available all the healing resources such as medical aid, doctors, medicines, hospitals, medical material that educates me about precautionary measures and possible cure."

Step 2) Thank God in advance for desired safety 

Not many of us know that when we thank God in advance for anything, He blesses us with that desire. Nothing pleases God more than His acknowledgment, praise and surrender.

"Lord, I thank You in advance for relief and protection I want You to give me against this life-threatening Coronavirus and any other disease. Protection and healing comes through You alone, no matter what tool or means I will use. So, please accept my thanks."

Note: This healing prayer can be practiced by anyone. No matter what religion you follow, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or no religion.

The law of gratitude never fails

The best dua is Alhamdulillah, and the best dhikr is la ialaha illAllah

If we are thankful to God for relief from Coronavirus, He will make sure that we remain protected from it. If we thank Him in advance for saving us from this life-threatening disease, He will ensure safety in coming days as well.

That being said, it is now up to us how much effort we put into expressing sincere and deep gratitude to God for existing blessings and favors and for desired blessings that we ask Him to give us.

The easiest way to do is to simply start it by saying "thank You" with willingness in your heart that you truly desire to be grateful. Repeatedly say thank You or "Alhamdulillah", or whatever language
you feel comfortable with.

Thanks for reading How to pray for protection amid Coronavirus

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