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How To Connect With Higher Self

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Your higher self is not some detached entity from you rather it is part of yourself. It may be referred to as a part of you that is pure, intelligent, aware and devoid of bias, prejudice and judgments. The higher self is a term that has spiritual connotations. It is a part of our awakened personality and consciousness. Higher self prevents us from having bad judgments, wrong decision-making and informs us about future opportunities and threats that are otherwise beyond the reach of our conscious daily living minds.  It is through higher self that we can access the truths and knowledge that is invisible to our conscious working minds. 

The higher self, being an integral part of our light body, works to save us from physical and spiritual threats. By harnessing the higher self, we can achieve way more than we could ever do. The idea is to establish a deep connection with our higher self that always loves to guide us only in a positive manner since it is devoid of our past history, an error of judgment, and fallacious thinking patterns. Once we become receptive and in tune with our higher self, we become more focused and find a new meaningful purpose and idea towards our current life. 

Higher self is our connection to source: Allah, God, and Creator.  It is through our high self we connect our spiritual selves to the source. Getting closer to higher self is an ongoing process and it comes with coming closer to Creator, God since higher self is a divine expression of our personalities.  Some people mistakenly think that higher self is something that comes to us easily and out of its volition. But, the fact is that we have to align our self to it. The best way to connect with our higher self is getting close to God and meditations, soul-searching, gratitude and repentance are keys to getting us close to God. 

How To Connect With Your Higher Self

There are a couple of steps that we can take to start our journey of connecting with our higher self. The first and foremost requirement is to keep authenticity and purity of mind. This can be achieved by emptying our minds from our experiences, egos, and judgments.  The definite three steps that help us connect with the higher self are: meditation, gratitude and patience. 


Meditation enables to see our own self beyond what we generally understand and know about ourselves.  It allows us to harness the inner power that has remained undiscovered as of now.  It requires relentless practice, gratitude and patience to be able to connect with your higher self at your own will. Some spiritualists have had achieved that ideal state where they connect themselves with the higher self at their own will.  The key is to surrender and allow our higher self to connect with us and that is achieved by dissolving our egos. 


Gratitude is a virtue. Start practicing gratitude no matter what you are going through. It releases us from negative thoughts and our limitations as human beings. Gratitude transcends us from the planet and connects with the source.  Pick up the habit of saying thanks for all the blessings, problems and opportunities we have. 


Patience is also a virtue and it helps us understand life in a more balanced and realistic way. Most of the times, we are rushing to get things. We want things done in a quick succession of time while this is not the law of nature. Patience brings about positive changes and we learn to accept the greater things the source, the creator has in store for us. 

What is the Purpose of Higher Self?

Higher self is organized, intelligent and prudent beyond our own wisdom, ability to analyze and our judgments.  There are a couple of indicators in the form of feelings that prove we are connected with our higher self. The following feelings and state of beings are the indicators. People who have the ability to connect with their higher-self have reported these states of minds and bodies while being in sync with it. 

Loving and Kind

The feelings of love and kindness become abundant when we are connected with our higher self.  The state of the higher self is calm and encourages our minds and bodies to sense and experience nothing but love, patience and kindness.   God is pure, love and kind. Once we connect ourselves with our source, we tend to experience similar traits. Once in a state of connectivity with your higher self, you will feel devoid of any negativity, jealousy, hatred and animosity. You will experience the feelings of love and kindness even for your enemies. 

Honesty and Integrity
The higher self is honest and honors integrity. So, it is impossible for the higher self to lie to you or encourage you to become dishonest, deceitful and unfaithful.  It is our ego that suggests us wrongdoing, dishonesty and ingratitude.  The feelings that we experience are of purity, honesty and truth.  The higher self does not tell us half-baked truths. The higher self is the truth.

Calm and Wise 

All we experience after being connected with higher self are calm and full of wisdom. We begin to feel wise, calm and at peace with ourselves. It is the peace that transcends the understanding and definition of peace employed in our day-to-day lives. These are the pure feelings of serenity, peace and calm that we do not experience otherwise.  In this state, we begin to realize and feel God’s plan that He has for us.  We feel settled and content to the point of bliss. 

Broader Perspective

The higher self gives us a greater perspective about life on earth and hereafter.  It is unlike the perspective that we have about the things in life.  Higher self is aware of all the unseen perspective that we do not sense and experience.  The broader perspective can be dubbed as omni-perspective and can see things from every dimension.


In our worldly life, we often tend to be ungrateful for the blessings that we always have.  Our human mind is hard wired not to be grateful while the higher self suggests abundance and blessings.  We attach value to things such as money, flashy cars and big houses while the abundance is something that we cannot attach value to. We can abundance even while living a life with limited resource. To put it in a better way, abundance is resource that is a blessing in itself irrespective of being little or more. Little or more has nothing to do with abundance. No matter how little the things are, they can be abundant.  Higher self wants us to appreciate the blessings and abundance we already have and not be ungrateful. If we remain grateful, the abundance will grow. 

Fearless and No Guilt

The higher self does not require the feelings of fear, guilt or shame. If you feel this, you have been clearly out of touch the higher self. Higher self transcends these negative emotions such as shame, fear and guilt. Higher self does not have anything to do with this type of feeling.  We create fear, guilt and shame when we are far away and out of sync with our true spiritual self: Higher self. 

What Happens After We Connect With Higher Self

Once we align ourselves with the higher self, we tend to become compassionate, kind and truthful. It is love that we grow with ourselves and others around us. We do not hold grudges and become forgiving.  We also feel empathy and become sympathetic with other people and species. 

We become full of joy and our life becomes complete. Higher self serves as a guide and teacher for us. It is our best friend that keeps us from dangers, threats, and negativity and helps us in arriving at the right decisions in life. It brings out our true self that is devoid of experiences, memories and judgments.  Higher self establishes our connection with the source and we become complete and enlightened. If someone tells you that you need a guru, human teacher, or guide to connect with the higher self, they are clearly misleading you. This knowledge is no longer esoteric. The truth lies within us. We are the truth. 


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