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Short and long dua for slaughtering qurbani animal

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Eid ul Adha is just around the corner and you have probably already bought your animal (udhiyah) to slaughter for qurbani or sacrifice. No matter what animal, cow, goat or camel, you are going to sacrifice, you will need to recite a dua before you perform this beautiful ritual on the 10th day of Dhul al Hijjah (Hajj).
dua for slaughtering animal for qurbani on eid al adha in English with transliteration

 1) Short dua

This prayer can be recited by those who are not comfortable reciting long Arabic text. 

short dua before slaughtering qurbani udhiyyah animal
Once you are done with the recitation, you can start slaughtering the animal.

If sacrificing on behalf of others

In case you are sacrificing the animal on behalf of others, your parents, relatives, friends or for a dead person, replace the last word, minn-ni of the above-mentioned dua with "min." and mention their name. For instance: min "Ali", min "Ayesha" 

2) Long Dua

dua for slaughtering qurbani animal in Arabic


Inni waj'jahtu wajhiya lillazi fataras-samawaati walardi ala millati ibraheema haneefaw wama ana minal mushrikeen. Qul innas-salati wanusuki wamah-yaya wamamaati lillahi rabbil aalameen, laa sharika lahu wabizaalika umirtu wa-ana minal muslimeen. Allahumma minka walaka bismillahi Allahu Akbar

English Translation 

I have turned my face to that Being Who has created the skies and the Earth in the state of the Straight Deen of Ibrahim - and I am not amongst the mushrikeen. Verily, my salah, my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the world, and who has no partners, with this I have been commanded and I am the first of those who surrender. O Allah, this sacrifice is due to You, granting us the ability to do so. In the name of Allah and Allah is the Greatest.  


Thanks for reading Short and long dua for slaughtering qurbani animal

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