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Deja Vu Meaning: Spiritual Connotations

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Deja Vu is the feeling of experiencing something you have already seen or experienced before. It is a French word that means: already seen. When Deja Vu occurs, it brings back the exact memory of something we have already experienced. For example, while visiting a certain place or city, your mind might evoke a similar memory associated with that place as if you had already been here before. 

However, there are various spiritual connotations and meanings to the experience of Deja Vu. Everybody experiences Deja Vu in their lives but the majority of us miss out on the mystical meaning of the experience. This post covers the spiritual and mystical aspect of Deja Vu and what meaning it conveys. 

Spiritual Meaning

There are various spiritual implications and meaning to the experience of Deja Vu. A lot of us just experience this and do not dwell on the inner and deeper meanings of it. The following spiritual aspects are important and should not overlook especially if you interested in knowing the spiritual and deeper meaning of the process. 


We tend to experience deja vu, especially at a young age. Young people have been reported to be experiencing it more than older people. The experience carries spiritual meaning to it especially if it is random but overwhelming.  The reason why the experience is intense may be due to several important and significant events in your previous and present life.  The actual experience does not last more than a few seconds or a minute but it leaves a strong impression and impulse in your mind that lasts forever. 


Deja vu is an experience that falls under the category of prescience much like the fortune-telling but deja vu is not fortune telling per se and does not have anything to do with that. Deja vu is rather an innate ability within all of us that assists us foreseeing the things to occur. You do not have to have special expertise in the subject of occult or ability to see the future. There are a lot of gurus and experts who tell people about their future while deja vu is not specifically similar to these esoteric subjects. 

However, it is true that people with spiritually awakened minds tend to have more deja vu experiences than what generally common people experience. If you are encountering deja vu every now and then, this is a sign of you being spiritually awakened. 

This helps us gain insight into the future. I remember my own experience after being spiritually awakened, I began to have more deja vu experiences than before. This helped me take more considerate and balance decisions in my personal life. Once I have a strong negative feeling about something, related to a particular decision I am going to take, the prescience aspect of the deja vu helps me give up on that decision and rather take a different decision. 


Deja Vu does not only occur while we are awake but sometimes it occurs in dreams. We all have experienced dreams and the exact scene plays out the next day and we are amazed at the coincidence. However, we do not remember all the dreams that indicate the experience of deja vu.  

The experience of deja vu suggests that our mind has the inherent ability to foresee the things in dreams which later come to pass in real life exactly.  If you are a spiritually awakened person, you will often see events before in your dreams and later experience it in your life.
If you frequently encounter deja vu experiences in dreams and in reality then pay heed to the messages and signs it carries and conduct your life accordingly. Do not rule out the significance of deja vu, if you do, you will stop experiencing deja vu too often and you will just become an ordinary person. 

Past Lives 

The experience of deja vu may be linked to one of past lives which we are aware of or otherwise. Sometimes you might have a vivid dream about a new place, country and people. You dream about actively living a different life from your past life. This might be an indication that you had deja vu in your past life instead of your present-day life. 

Random Or Definite?

Deja vu is not a definite event or something that you can easily control or call for. It happens impulsively both in a dream or when awake.  Unlike hypnosis, we cannot simply bring the state of deja vu into being at will. It happens randomly and if you are a spiritually awakened person, you will have more deja vu encounters. Lastly, deja vu offers great insight into our own life, present life, past life and spiritual journey.  


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