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Easy dua-wazifa for acne, pimples and dark spots

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You have probably been using a number of remedies and cure for your acne problem but you might still not be getting the desired result, which is, a face without pimples, spots and blackheads.

So, now is the best time to turn to Allah for help. Here is a very straightforward yet powerful dua-wazifa. It is a recommended method taught to us by Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.

Dua wazifa for acne, pimples and dark spots

Note: If there is remedy available for you and you are already applying to remove face pimples and other acne issues, you can continue practicing the treatment. In addition to the treatment, you should also recite this dua and practice the wazifa by following the recommended method mentioned above in the picture.

Method (English)

  1. Put your index finger on ground where there is clean, soft dust/sand available.
  2. Now start reciting the above mentioned dua one time. (If you don't remember the dua, you can write it down on a piece of paper or see it on your phone screen.)
  3. Once done with recitation, do a damm by moving you finger around the area of your face/forehead.

Method (Urdu and Hindi)

  1. Sab say pehlay apni shahadat wali ungli (index finger) saaf zameen per rakhen jahan mitti ya saaf dhool ho.
  2. Ab oper batai gae dua parhen. (Agar apko dua yaar nahi to aap isay kisi paper per likh ker parh saktay ya mobile say dekh ker bhi parh saktay).
  3. Dua parhnay kay baad apni ungli ko apnay chehray per phair lain.

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Many people who are tired of using different medicines and applying cosmetics products end up getting frustrated when they see no positive results in sight. In such a case, the sane decision is to surrender your will and allow a superior power to rescue you and get you your desired face. And who can be superior to the All-powerful, Generous Lord Who has no trouble fulfilling your wish.

However, there are factors and do's and don'ts that make any prayer answered or fulfilled. We often make the mistake of not having a burning desire for our wish and not paying attention to the instructions Lord has set out in His scripture, Quran and Hadith.

Tips to get powerful and quick results 

As discussed above, there are etiquette and rules of duas or wazifa to get fulfilled by the Lord and following these rules is the only way to go if we want to achieve the desired results.

  • Strong faith in Allah: Have 100% faith in the power, mercy and the ability of Allah that He has no difficulty removing your pimples. He is the creator. He knows how acne is developed and knows what can be done to remove it. So, just relax your mind and put your full trust in God's power and ability. Allah likes it when we trust and show our trust. To show strong faith, already start imagining that God has listened to your wish and you are now with a acne-free face. 
  • Have patience: Don't be impatient and frustrated. Your job is to just stay patient with God and not let doubts/frustration enter your mind. Please be mindful that Satan loves to distract our mind from Allah and impatience is one of the devil's tools. So whenever questions like "when will I get a pimple-free face" comes to your mind, just focus on the dua and stay hopeful. 
  • Give thanks: Give thanks to Allah for this dua/wazifa. Thank Him that you are relying on His and His ability. Thank Him for your face that even though right now it may not look as perfect as you want it to look, but you have a face, a nose, eyes to see, mouth to eat and speak and a good facial structure. Thank Allah every day for your face. Quran says: "If you are grateful, I will give you more" Surah Ibrahim (14:7). So be as much thankful to Allah as you can
  • Be frequent/regular: Remember that another very important rule for dua is to be as frequent as possible. It is not enough to make the dua once in a while and then forget all about it. It has to be done on a consistent basis, every day, by taking the time out from your busy schedule and doing it full dedication and faith.
Let's recall again the formula for an answered dua:

Full faith + Show shukr + patience + consistency (or frequency) = Desired fulfilled. 

Keep repeating the dua-wazifa until your problem is solved. It can be used for whiteheads, blackheads, tender bumps and pus-filled lumps as well.

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  1. This information has come really usefull to me, Jazakullahukhairun.

  2. What does it mean to put index finger on earth’s dust/sand?

  3. Jazakallahu khairan


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