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Miracle dua-wazifa for quick weight/fat loss

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Extra Body fat can cause a lot of complications for you but one of the most prominent problems caused by it is overweight. To burn excessive fat and lose weight to the desirable level is something many young and old people want. So, here is a spiritual remedy in the form of a powerful, effective dua and wazifa. 

Please follow the simple steps mentioned below. Make sure you practice this amal on a consistent basis (regularly). 

dua wazifa to lose fat and weight quick

1) For morning 

1) Take a glass of warm water (neem garam) and pour a spoon of honey and mix it. 

3) Recite durood 3 times

4) Recite Fatiha 7 times

5) Recite durood 3 times again 

6) Do damm by blowing on water and drink it

Please do this honey-water amal before having your breakfast.

After you have had the glass of water, move on to the next step in which you will have to drink from a bottle.

2) For whole day 

After you have done the above honey-water wazifa, you will now do damm on a bottle of water to drink as your regular water consumption throughout the day. 

Step 1) Take a bottle of water
Step 2) Recite Durood 3 times
Step 3) Recite Surah Fatiha 7 times
Step 4) Recite Durood 3 times 
Step 5) Blow on water (do damm) and drink it whenever you need to drink water. 

Note: When the water level in the bottle decreases, add more water to it. And if by chance the bottle gets empty and forget to add more water to it, don't worry, just fill it up with water, do damm and start drinking again.

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Other important steps you must take:

1) Increase the quantity of fruits in your diet

2) Take at least a 1-hour walk in the morning or in evening 

3) Do not lie right after having your meal.

4) If possible, fast from time to time as it will not only please Allah but will also reduce toxins in your body. 

5) Do charity (sadaqa). Keep your desire to burn fat in your mind. Sadaqa is a powerful remedy to remove anything that causes worry, shame and frustration. So, start spending little money on the poor and needy everyday. 

Who can gain benefits from it

  • Those who want a slim and fit body 
  • Those who are worried about fat around their belly
  • Those who want to reduce excessive fat around their chest, arms, chin, face and other part of body. 
  • Those who are looking to burn fat fast due to their coming marriage. 
  • Those whose marriage proposals have been rejected only because of overweight.
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Thanks for reading Miracle dua-wazifa for quick weight/fat loss

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  1. i am 10 and get bully for being overwweighted and i cant do pushups i just fall


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