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8 Signs That Tell You Are a Narcissist

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Are You a Narcissist? 

Whether you are an emapth or a narcissist, you need to be sure about where your personality type falls. Emapths and narcissists both share a very disturbing relationship. While empaths are known best for their creative and intuitive abilities, narcissists have almost no spiritual and creative side to themselves. By definition, a narcissist is someone who has a high and inflate sense of themselves and is always seeking praise and recognition. Narcissism is also a mental disorder which needs to be cured especially when it manifests in crippling your social/economic aspect of life. 

Signs of a Narcissist

Typically, a narcissist has a stubborn behavior and is less likely to learn from his own mistakes and experiences. Remember the old saying that says you always have something to learn even from your bad experiences. This saying does not go well at all with a narcissist. These people are easier to spot than empaths who remain elusive to quick detection.  

There are some easy-to-spot signs, symptoms and traits of narcissist. If you find these symptoms within you and you are unable to make progress in your life, you should consider different healing modalities to tone down your narcissism to live a balanced and less problematic life. Please note narcissism is rampant equally among men and women because it is state of mind and collection of behavior and habits. A woman can be as a narcissist as any man. 

1-Inflated Sense of Self (Self-Grandeur) 
Narcissists suffer from inflated sense of self. No matter what their profession/position in life is, they feel full of success as if the world owes everything to them. They don't miss the slightest of the opportunity to make them/their achievements prominent. They love to show off to their relatives/friends and strangers. This is their secret ploy to attract/invite praise which helps reinforce their inflated sense of self. 

2-Looking For Constant Praise
They are always looking for constant praise even when it is not warranted or due. As a result, they are highly hostile to criticism and cannot accept their own mistakes and failings. If you have a friend/co-worker who is always looking for constant praise, just know that you are dealing with a narcissist

3- They Like to Dominate
They like to dominate. It does not mean they are born leaders. They often try to mislead and hide their narcissism by telling others that they are born to lead when the reality is quite contrary. If you have a boss/wife or friend who always likes to dominate you, you have spotted a narcissist. 

4- Self-Entitlement Comes Naturally to Them 
Ever heard the concept of self-entitlement? They always feel entitled to every blessing/success in the world without any logical reasoning behind it. So when things do not go their way, they are prone to showing aggressive reactions. 

5- Sense of Superiority
The narcissists have a unbridled sense of superiority. They don't just stay there. They like to belittle those whom they consider inferior. There is also no logical reasoning or explanation for that sense of superiority. It largely stems from them having an inflated sense of self. 

They are arrogant to the core. They miss no opportunity to exhibit their arrogance publicly and privately. In order to practice unwarranted arrogance, they like to have the possessions which other people envy such as: big house, best new model car, and beautiful looking life partner. 

7-Different Personality When Alone
Narcissists are all talk and show when they among the people but are at a loss when forced to live a life of seclusion. They cut a sorry figure when absolutely along. They feed off other people's energy and aura and want constant contact with them. Once cut off, they are as lost as a fish out of water. 

8-Quick To Develop Envy, Jealousy
They quickly develop envy and jealousy towards people who are doing better than them in life. Somebody else's success challenges and threatens their own grandiose idea of self and they do everything to bring other people down just to keep themselves on the top. 

What To Do If You Are One?
Narcissism is a treatable mental disorder. The key is understanding whether your narcissism is blocking in your life. Narcissism alone can distract you from focusing on real and worthy goals in life. It is never too late and you can decide to tone down your narcissism to live a better and balanced life. 


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