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11 Tell Tale Signs That You Are An Empath Person

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11 Signs of an Empath Person 

There are two major types of people generally: empath and narcissist. Both have their weaknesses and strengths but in this post, we will tell you the signs whether you are an empath or not. The signs are always there for you to identify and improve your personality traits and life in general accordingly. Empaths are generally very creative and intuitive but the negative traits associated with this type often prevent them from fulfilling their lives to the best of their potential. After reading these signs, you will be able to know both the positive and negative traits and how to transform the negatives into positives and live your life in fulfilling manner. 
Signs of an Empath Person

1-You Engage with Other People's Energy and Aura

You are an empath person if you often feel you go too far and too deep into other person's energy, aura and though-processes. Sometimes, you feel you are actually living the person you are thinking about. You are almost at the mercy of other people's thoughts and emotions. As a result, you find it hard to say "no" to people consequently inviting troubles and unnecessary problems in your life. If someone very close and dear to you is feeling sad, you will be operating at the same vibrating and energy but you wonder "why do I feel sad today?" In short, the emotions and thoughts of other people affect you greatly.  

2-Crowds Scare You 

The idea of going to crowded places such as shopping malls, marketplaces, and stadiums scares you to the bones. You feel confused and lost among crowds and in the presence of different types of places. When you face such situation, your try to cut the corner to feel comfortable. 

3- You Hate Being Focus of Attention 

You do not like to have your presence felt in a manner that everybody notices you. You never want to be the main focus of people's attention whether it is a classroom, workplace or gym. The very idea of being singled out among tens of people does not go down well with you. You are a silent observer who is keen to notice other people around instead of being noticed yourself. 

4-You Are Highly Intuitive 

You are blessed with high intuitive powers. Thanks to this gift of intuition, you are a very creative person who works smart, not hard. You believe in taking efficient action and most of your well-thought-out decisions are correct. You also have enhanced and almost perfect decision making abilities especially when no other person, people are involved. When you sit down to take a serious decision about your life, you come up with one that pays dividends in future. 

5-You Are Too Sensitive

You are a very sensitive person and cannot experience and see the suffering of another person, whether it be your closed relative or a random stranger. You are sensitive to the point that you start feeling the pain and sufferings of other people. This sign is not a strength because it keeps your mind and emotions overloaded with unwanted energies. What exists beyond you should not be your concern as much as your own self. But, you do it at the expense of your own inner peace and happiness. 

6- Constant Energy Drain 
Since you are sensitive and empathetic towards other people, constant energy drain becomes your problem. You attract negative energies from other people. You feel tired and find it hard to focus on yourself. 

7-You Are Friends With Losers in Life 
You do not think too much about whom to socialize with and who to ignore. You become friends with unsuccessful people despite being a success story yourself. Since you are not all about yourself, you accept broken and suffering individuals in your life and go on well with them. You are always there to help them out. 


8- You Are Open To Psychic Attacks 
You easily invite psychic attacks and negativity into your life because you can feel the aura/energy levels of other people. You do this even when it can be easily avoided. The weakness of a typical empath often leaves them vulnerable to psychic attacks from narcissistic people and foes. 

9-Healing Powers
You have innate healing powers and abilities. Despite the fact that you invite negativity and even psychic attacks, you have an equalizer at the same in your arsenal--healing power. You can heal yourself spiritually and emotionally faster than people around you. You do not have grudges and tend to forgive even your enemies. 

10-More About Others, Less About Yourself 
It is always a lopsided scenario you are stuck in. You care too much about other people and their problems even at the expense of your well being. You always think about their problems and try to envision strategies to solve them. It often results in attracting negativity. It does more harm than benefit. 

11-Give More, Take Less
You believe in giving more and taking less. Most of your charitable causes are purely based on no-profit, no-gain of any kind. You do not like to have that give one, take two approach towards life. This trait makes you selfless and you contribute positively to the society without expecting much in return. 


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