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Signs and Symptoms of Psychic Attack

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Psychic attacks are real and they can happen to anybody anytime. The people who are unable to spot the psychic attack are often the worst victims of attacks that catch them unaware. However, if you practice spirituality, chances are you already know about psychic attacks and have your own strategies to deal with them. Sometimes, if these attacks go unnoticed, they can become so lethal and debilitating to the point of severe illness and blocked life. 

People do not understand that a spiritually-launched psychic attack can result in your physical reality and it can cripple to one's body and mind to the point of no return. The sooner we take action to detect the presence of a psychic attack, the better and well-equipped we become to deal with it.  Most of these attacks are from humans or entities. Humans have the ability to send and launch a psychic attack without even them knowing but the attacks where spirits are involved are usually planned and conscious in nature. 

15 Tell Tale Signs of Psychic Attack

There are some very visible signs when a psychic attack is involved but some are very subtle and only an expert psychic can detect those symptoms whether the physical symptom(illness) is really due to the psychic and spiritual reasons or not. 

1-People Become Angry/Disinterested in You
If the psychic attack is human, people around you: co-workers/family members will become disinterested and develop anger for your that is otherwise explainable and unjustified. You begin to wonder why people are behaving strangely. 

2-People Become Hostile Towards You
People become hostile towards you without any apparent and solid reason. You have been lately getting cold, hostile and downright disrespectful responses from people around you. 

3-You Feel Tired
You feel tired all day despite the fact that you were an active person before. You eat and drink plenty but the tiredness just doesn't seem to go away.

4-Bad Luck

You run into situations that can only be termed as "bad luck." And you feel absolutely strange about these events. You never experienced such events before in your life and that frequently. 


You seem to develop the symptoms of paranoia and someone very close to you suggests consulting a psychologist. Paranoia is a mental condition but a strong psychic attack can also cause it. It is always better to deal with your condition by blending spirituality with an advice of psychologist. 

6-Lack Of Proper Sleep 
You were a proper sleeper before but now you seem to lose sleep. You wake up multiple times throughout the night and wonder why your sleep patterns have become so unusual. 

7-Hearing Voices
You hear voices of people and things when there is psychically no one around. 

8-Disinterest in Life and Activities
You begin to lose interest in life and its activities. You notice that you no longer enjoy the things that you used to. You are still young and full of life but your mental state does not let you enjoy life to its fullest. 

9-Drained Energy Levels 
You have drained energy levels. You are physically fit person but despite going to gym and eating right, your energy levels become drained quite rapidly. 

10-Recurring Negative Thoughts 
You are generally a positive person. But now you are having negative thoughts about people, situations and your own life. You think of suicide sometimes but shun the very idea. You also think of falling off the high places especially when you are atop the high-rise building.

11-Blurred Memories/Inability To Remember 
Your memories have become blurred to the point that it is difficult for you to remember your childhood and school life. You frequently forget the things of recent past as well. 

12-Loss of Confidence 
Once a confident person but lately you have been losing all of your confidence. You become extremely introvert and shy away from people and places where you have to show confidence. 

You experience paralyses in sleep. You have never experienced it before. 

14-Mood Swings 
You wrestle with your mood swings all day. In morning, you feel like a happy person but you sit idle and dull in the afternoon. The constant mood swings are a sign that you have been under psychic attack.

15-Depression Sets In
Depression and all its signs are present within your mental state.

How to Protect Against Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are normal and part of our lives. It is certainly not something that cannot be addressed. A little knowledge of spirituality can equip you well enough to dispel every psychic attack that you face in your lifetime. See our detailed post on it.

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