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Key Islamic instructions for etiquette & good manners

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Islam wants humans to become socially responsible and have good manners. For this, it instructs individuals to fulfill their civic duty by setting out principles through scripture Quran and Hadith.

Since humans have always been social, it is natural for them to interact with other humans on a regular basis. This is what calls for a set of principles instructing social ethics and etiquette that make every Muslim responsible not just for themselves but for the whole society.

Here are the most common social ethics and etiquette everyone of us must follow.

1) Do not enter a place without permission

Islam wants us to respect other people's privacy. When you intend to enter somebody's place, a room, a property/office/ any personal space, you must first seek permission.

Quran Surah Nur verse 27 about entering house with permission
Social etiquette and good manners in Islam: Do not enter a home without permission

2) Keep your promises

Relationships are very important in Islam as they keep humans connected to each other and the entire society is built around it. To ensure bond of trust among people, Islam expects its followers to keep their promises no matter how hard it may seem sometimes.

Keeping promises in Islam Quran Suran Isra verse 34
Social etiquette and good manners in Islam: Keep your promises 

3) Control your anger

Anger is one of Satan's most powerful weapons and he uses it to trap humans all the time. Islam has instructed Muslims to repress their anger when they face a situation that triggers their emotions. Be it criticism from others or an unwanted decision that you made in the past, staying patient and gaining the upper hand over our own mind is what Allah loves.

Quran verse and hadith about controlling anger

4) Speak nicely to others

Speaking a kind word to others is better than a charity that is done half-halfheartedly or by hurting/humiliating the person whom we help. We are instructed to choose the best thoughts but also the best words that we speak. Speaking kind words doesn't have to be considered weak -- it gives us the upper hand over those who don't consciously choose to use kind words in their speech.

Speak nicely to others in Islam

Some people may think that in certain situations, it becomes necessary to resort to harsh words and  even anger because they think it saves them from other people's negative behavior, verbal and emotional attacks. They think, by not reacting, they will allow others to walk all over them. But the fact is, we are guardian of our own inner space and sticking to God's instructions is the best way to deal with any situation.

So, we consciously choose to speak kind words for others. Let's recall that whatever we create in the form of thoughts, words and actions, eventually comes back to us. 

5) Forgive others

Forgive others in Quran verses

Forgiveness is the key to success both in this world and hereafter. When we forgive others, we actually let them off the hook by understanding their actual position. Why expect someone to make you happy when they don't even have happiness to give you? This is when you have to forgive them -- just release them with forgiveness because they need it.


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