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10 Effective Ways To Block Psychic Attacks And Protect Your Aura

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Psychic attacks are like real psychical attacks and the only difference being that it happens under the surface, beyond our naked eyes. As much as it hurts when somebody throws a stone you, a psychic attack can do the similar damage to your aura/spiritual and mental body. There are two main sources of a psychic attack: humans and entities. The symptoms and effects of both attacks are almost similar in nature. The victim feels negativity, darkness, hopelessness and depression among various other symptoms and effects. 

It is important to understand the nature of psychic attack before being able to successfully block them. If you have psychic abilities, you will easily be able to find the origin of the attack and take action accordingly.

Attacks From Human

The most common source of psychic attacks is from other humans. There are multiple reasons why human-originated psychic attack occurs. Most of the time these attacks are unintentional and don't require the conscious effort of the sender. The psychic attacks are different from casting spells--that requires conscious energy work from its sender. 

The typical example of how a psychic attacks from humans can occur to you is: your ex-girl friend/boss/parents/friends are angry at you. They expected you to do something which you did not. In an angry state, they slur or curse you. Even the negative thought about you such as curse/disappointment is enough to initiate and launch a psychic attack. The intensity of the attack depends on the energy that particular person has put into it. For example, the attack would be mild if it comes from a co-worker or boss but it can be debilitating and can last longer if it comes from your closely related people: ex-girlfriend, ex-wife or parents. 

Attacks from Entities/Spirits

The attacks from entities and spirits are also similar to human but most of the time these entity-driven attacks are intentional. Some jealous person who want you to see fail in life will contact a magician or sorcerer who knows the art of sending psychic attacks by utilizing the entities. 

As research has shown over years, the entities don't attack on their own unless humans intervene in their affairs. Humans call them seeking their help in most cases. However, the only exception is invading their territory, for a example, trying to live in a haunted house. The entities already living in their will launch psychic attacks in a bid to send you away from this place. As long as you stay out of harms way, entities usually don't send psychic attacks to humans intentionally and consciously. 
10 Easiest Ways To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks
Below are the most basic and easiest ways that you can use to protect yourself from psychic attacks both from humans and entities. 

This is an ancient technique used by different cultures and traditions to fend off dark spirits and negative energies. Smudge is usually a herb, wooden piece from a tree that is burnt to drive out the negative and unwanted energies caused by psychic attacks from your aura and surroundings. By smudging daily, you slowly drive out and clear the energies that are blocking your aura and surrounding. 

Visualization is also a very effective technique to protect your spiritual aura and deflate psychic attack. However, the only downside it takes years to master and practice the art of correct visualization that does not only protect and enhance shield within your aura but allows you to easily tackle any foreign psychic attack. 

Meditation has long been used by almost all religious, cultural and traditional spiritual practices and rightly so. Meditation allows you build and strengthen your spiritual body as a whole. Keep in mind, a spiritually healthy person is always less likely to be on the receiving end of a negative and pervasive psychic attack. 

4-Asking God for Help
That is your way of doing especially if you are a religious person. Spirituality is a broad discipline and almost people from every religion, atheist and agnostics also practice it. If you are a person who deeply believe in the presence of God, there is nothing better than asking Him to protect you from negative psychic attacks. 

5-White Ceiling Light Meditation
This is a very effective and test technique to protect yourself from all types of psychic attacks. The ceiling light meditation works on the principle of imagining the while all-encompassing light that protects your aura and spiritual aura. Once you practice these imaginative technique, you feel a positive change within your spiritual body and become extremely safe when it comes to protecting against invasive psychic attacks. 

6-Chanting Mantras
Different mantras based on your religion, culture and tradition can also prove effective against psychic attacks. Choose the most effective mantras according to your own tradition, culture or even religion and you are good and safe! 

7-Positive Affirmation
Positive affirmations and suggestions to your mind also help in protecting against psychic attacks. Positivity undercuts and destroys the negativity as a rule of thumb. 

8-Using Power of Love
As they say, love is the supreme power in this universe and nothing trumps it. Love always trumps hatred and other negative emotions. If you have come to find out the source of your psychic attack (person), you can always replace their negative emotions by sending the suggestions/messages of love and peace. Love liberates you from all negativity. 

9-Shifting To A New Place
If the source of psychic attack is a person, it is always recommended to break that relationship and move away. You do not deserve to be drained by the negative thoughts and emotions from the people associated with you. If you live in haunted house, it is always better to move to a new house and the negativity of the psychic attack will dispel on its own with the passage of time. 

10-Mirror Technique
This is the least used but equally effective technique to deal with a psychic attack. Considering sitting before a mirror with your eyes fixed on your own image for an hour. Think of your body being protected by angels and light. You will feel refreshed and positive after doing this exercise for a few days. 


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