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Heal Your Empathy To Live an Emotionally Balanced Life

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How To Overcome/Heal Your Empath Nature? 

Are you an empath person?  Emapth people generally are very creative and intuitive but the sad part is they often fail to live their lives to their maximum potential. In order to lead a balanced, we need to have an equally balanced attitude, behavior and thought process towards life and other people. Empathy, as generally known, is a desirable trait but emapth people take it to extreme when it comes to their relationships and dealings with other people. 

While empathy in moderation is not a bad trait but it has been observed that empath people suffer from overactive empathy. It not only hinders them in fulfilling their lives and talents but also lead to other complications in life such as disease, unwanted events, and inability to express themselves at all. It is important to keep the good traits associated with empath nature while discarding the counterproductive ones. It all starts with limiting your empathetic reaction to people, events and emotions.  

Observe/Limit Your Empathetic Reaction
The first step is to take note and observe your empathetic reaction to certain people, events and situations. Ask yourself some basic questions such as "Why am I feeling overly empathetic towards this situation/people/event?" "Is there a need to take a balanced approach and view this issue from a third-person?" The third-person standpoint is very helpful because it detaches you from the "you" and allows you to see and observe the situation as it is. You are the actual problem when it comes to overactive empathy but your ego and habitual pattern tricks you into believing that you are not the problem but the situation/people are. 

Learn To Differentiate Between "Yours" and "Theirs" 
Overactive empathy tricks you into forgetting to differentiate between "what is yours" and "what is theirs." An emapth person usually fails to create and maintain healthy boundaries between themselves and others.  

For example: you are feeling sad today after hearing something bad that happened to somebody. It is time to think and ask questions: "is it my pain?" "Do I gain or lose more from failing to create such a boundary between myself and others?" If the source of the pain is from outside, you do not need to worry about it at all. Just consciously let it go and focus on your own goals and plans in life. However, if the source of this pain lies within you then you need to think and take action to resolve and heal this. 

The inability to create healthy boundaries results in engaging with the aura and energy fields of other people. You will assume and inherit the emotions of other people and mistakenly believe it is all yours when in reality it is not. Since you do not consciously  differentiate between what is yours and what is theirs, you lose sight of the reality and create unnecessary problems for you.

Let it Go

Let go off every negative emotion, feeling and reaction to just about everything. You have to let it go because it was not yours in the first place. The problem with emapth people is that they find it hard to let it go when other people are involved. Any emotion/feeling that you have not generated in the first place is not your responsibility. The only responsibility that lies with you is letting it go and overcome it with only your own feelings and thoughts. 

Objective Thinking Rather than Subjective

Empaths are subjective thinkers: they usually focus more on how and what they are feeling instead of analyzing the situation and life in generally from a pure objective standpoint. Learn to practice objective thinking and analysis in every situation as it will tone down your subjective side and reducing the burden of overactive empathy eventually. It is not important to think and feel from "I" perspective but see it from an objective lens as any other person would see it. 

Cut Off Connection with Other Emapths
As they say: like attracts like. The same can be said for empaths. The more you communicate and hang out with other emapths, you only reinforce your overactive empathy that is already not helping you in life. It is time to take tough decisions and remove your connections practically with other people who are empath as well. While the fact remains, you cannot go well with narcissists but it is time to cut down your relationship other emapths who share the same traits as you. You can only keep them in your company once you are sure that they are also as much willing to heal and tone down their empathy as yourself. 

Don't Try To Be A Narcissist

Some empaths mistakenly think that they can overcome their shortcomings by transforming themselves into a narcissist.  Unfortunately, it will do more harm than benefit if you attempt to go that route. Remember: once an empath always an emapth. We are not trying to change your personality type here but the goal is to overcome and heal the emapth traits that are blocking you in life. 

Stay Grounded
Learn exercises both mental and psychical that help you stay grounded. Emapths, due to their ability to involve themselves in other people's energy fields and aura, face the problem of not feeling grounded. Once you practice the grounding techniques, you will minimize the possibility of disturbing your own emotional and mental well-being. Somebody else's business is not yours and this is the key rule for an emapth to start their improvement journey. 


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