Thursday, October 14, 2021

Top 7 duas on marriage in Arabic & English translation

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, October 14, 2021
Marriage is an important institution in Islam because it is a lifelong commitment that marks the beginning of a family. 

Being able to serve your wife and children allows you to develop selflessness. Marriage is a spiritual and emotional relationship as well as a physical one.

Here are top duas and supplications regarding the subject. 

1) For getting married soon

No matter what is forcing you to marry soon, one thing is for certain, you are doing the right thing as Islam advocates it. So, here is a very powerful dua that is never gets rejected if practiced or recited with full faith and thankfulness.

2) To find the right & good spouse 

Good spouse is a blessing from Allah and any Muslim who is asking dua to get married soon or is about to get married, should also ask Allah to give them righteous spouse.  

Read more for translation & translieration: 👉 Dua for good and righteous spouse

3) For increasing love between husband and wife 

4) On the first night of marriage

When you bring your spouse home on the first night of marriage, follow this:

5) To wish a newly-married couple 

6) For blessings and happiness in marriage

The purpose of marriage is to reflect the unwavering love that God has for us. The love we have for each other is a love that will never leave us or abandon us. Read  👉 Dua for blessings in marriage 

7) For wishing someone their wedding anniversary 

Wish your or someone their wedding anniversary. Whether it is your own spouse, parent, sibling, friend or a relative, send them these beautiful words. The dua is mentioned in Arabic along with English translation and transliteration.


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