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A prophetic dua to get married soon

  Pakrush Admin       Sunday, May 30, 2021
While getting married soon isn't for every person, you probably have your reasons why you believe that it's worthwhile for you to marry soon. 

Although Islam instructs and encourages Muslims to get married at a young age as it has countless benefits, you may have your own unique situation and reasons why you are feeling the need to marry as soon as possible. 

Whatever your reason may be, one thing is for sure: You will protect yourself against zina by marrying and starting a new life in early on.

So here's a prophetic dua from the Quran for you. Focus on its meaning and keep this :

dua prayer to get married soon

How powerful is this dua?

This dua was recited by Prophet Musa AS when he had nothing: No home, no marriage, no money and no financial stability. After Musa AS had turned to Allah by uttering this supplication, Allah made his marriage possible and gave him a house immediately. 

For faster results

In order to get faster results, please be mindful about these points:

1. One-hundred-percent faith: 

You must have one hundred belief and trust in Allah's ability to get you married soon, no matter how many hurdles are in your way. Allah is bigger than all people, your parents, your relatives and your own self. Just convince God with all your heart that you trust Him, His powers, His mercy, His ability to fulfill your wish.

2. Patience: 

You must have patience as doubting and question about how long it takes and how Allah will do it can undo the results. Just have belief with patience. The situations may try to distract your mind. People may try to advice against getting married soon, but you know you are doing it for the sake of Allah and for your own protection against sins (zina), and building your own family. Nothing can derail you InshaAllah.

3. Start giving thanks in advance

Don't wait until the wedding day or when you get confirmation regarding your marriage or engagement, just start giving thanks to Allah from right now and see the miracles happen right before your eyes. 

Take the time out from your busy schedule, sit in a peaceful place. Recite the above mentioned dua and start giving thanks in advance. You will be shocked to see how much Allah loves His praise and thanks. Just try it with a sincere heart and honesty.

Also avoid ingratitude (ungratefulness/ignoring the favours of Allah): 
Start giving thanks to Allah for every single blessing, especially favours and things related to your job. For example, the money you receive, good people at your workplace who give you support, the person who brought you this job opportunity, the relief you get in the form of food you consume every day. 


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