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Is there any way for love marriage in Islam?

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Given that Muslims are the world's most racially and culturally varied group of people, and since the topic of marriage is one that gets to the heart of a person's identity because it often encompasses customs and traditions that predate Islam. 

This is really a contentious topic. But it doesn't have to be as Islam has already given us guidelines on every single issue. 

In this article, we will address the topic of love and planned marriage, as well as the subject of whether or not a love marriage is permitted in Islam.

The immediate answer to that question is yes, but first, let's define what we mean by a love marriage. 

Is love marriage allowed in Islam?

A love marriage is defined as a union formed by the couple on their own free will. A love marriage is not one that is planned by other parties, most likely by other family members, in the purest sense.

Now, depending on cultural factors, a love marriage may need a couple to have met each other, communicated directly with each other, and possibly even "dated" before deciding to spend their lives together.

Similarly, an arranged marriage is generally thought to be one in which the bride and groom's parents or responsible elders begin and "organise" the entire wedding without the bride or groom's prior input.

Before we go into the details of both, it's worth noting how important marriage, or Nikkah, is in Islam.

As a result, it is correct to state that love is a natural emotion, that it is part of our makeup, and that it is neither immoral nor haraam in Islam.

What is forbidden 

Having an unlawful connection, on the other hand, is not permitted. Because men and women are not allowed to intentionally stare at one other, an accidental gaze that results in fondness or feeling in one of them is not considered haraam.

However, the presence of such an emotion in your heart should not lead you to engage in prohibited behaviour. The only way to bring such love to fruition is to marry the other person, and the correct way to do so is to ask parents or elder guardians for approval.

Parents aren't supposed to force their children 

In Islam, on the other hand, parents are not permitted to push their children into marriages that they do not desire. While the consent of elders is necessary, the bride and groom's willingness is necessary for a successful marriage.

As a result, strictly arranged marriages aren't always the best option if the man and the woman aren't on the same page.

Most people interpret this to mean that the guardian has the final say and that no man or woman can marry if their guardian does not approve of the match.

As a result, it is evident that the criteria for accepting or rejecting a proposition are solely religious and moral. It is not acceptable in the eyes of Islam for a parent or guardian to reject a marriage proposal owing to personal whims and preferences.

In such a circumstance, guardianship might be passed on to someone who is capable of fulfilling the position and doing it properly (for instance, passing from the father to the grandfather). If there are no other options, the guardianship can be transferred to recognised persons of power, such as the Qadi or the nation's monarch.

Status of secret marriage

Islam firmly prohibits secret marriages, as any marriage entered into without the agreement of one's parents or guardians is void. Islam also places a high value on the 'Walima,' or post-nikkah ritual, the purpose of which is to declare the new partnership to the entire community. As a result, Islam urges people to announce their marriage openly.


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