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Does Jihad Mean Fighting Everybody Who Rejects Islam?

  Anonymous       Sunday, May 30, 2021

By Saeed Ismaeel 

This concept of Jihad contradicts the correct meaning of the word in Arabic: jaahad, (resisted) yujaahid (resist). As we all know resistance is usually is a continuous reaction triggered by a preceding action. It does not mean to initiate attack. In fact this concept of Jihad is rejected by common sense. Therefore, it was natural for Muslims (scholars, common people and officials), to protest the accusation that Islam was spread by sword i.e. initiating war against those who reject Islam, regardless of their way of rejection. Furthermore, in Islam, fighting those who reject invitation to our faith, contradicts Divine and cultural and international laws. For example, this understanding of jihad contradicts numerous plain verses in the Holy Quraan such as {There is no compulsion in religion}.  

The truth stands out clear from error.} It also contradicts countless verses confirming that the duty of the Prophet is only to convey the message. Among these are: {But if they are averse We have not sent you as a guard for them. Yours is only to convey the message}, and {But if you deny, [people of Mecca] then nations have denied before you. The Messenger is only to convey the (message) plainly} and {If your Lord willed, all who are in the earth would have believed together}.

It, also, contradicts the authentic prophetic traditions such as the comment of the Prophet when a captive woman held a child tight and breast-fed him: “God is more merciful towards His creatures than this woman towards her child.”(3) It also contradicts the sincere concern of the Prophet for the unborn generations of the very hostile disbelievers to  become Muslim. When the Angel of Mountains asked the Prophet if he wanted him to turn the two mountains on them his answer was: “No. I hope some of their late generations will worship Allah alone.”

Keeping in mind this kind of mercy of Allah towards his creatures and this kind of concern of his Messenger for the unborn generations makes it impossible to imagine that Islam would approve fighting those who reject it for themselves. As fighting them may hasten their death and deprive them of the opportunity of becoming Muslims later in their temporary lives to be saved in the eternal life. 

Furthermore, it is a common fact that only the powerful nations can enforce their ideologies and faith upon others, therefore the All Wise, Allah, would never legislate an international law that would give the aggressive nations the power to impose their ideologies upon the peaceful weaker nations. In order to perceive the falsehood and danger of this understanding, it is sufficient to look at the matter from a different perspective, that of those who are not convinced with others’ faiths. This justification entitles others to declare war against our own faith! So, it is an understanding that contradicts common sense and logic.” 


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