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Powerful dua to bring husband & wife closer | Intimacy

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Intimacy and emotional connection between husband and wife builds over time as it takes time to create understanding for each other. Islam has taught us duas and supplications that can fasten the process of bringing husband and wife closer.

All you have to do is understand your weaknesses, acknowledge them and acknowledge God has unlimited love to supply to you. Allah is Al-Wudud - all-loving.

Make this dua part of your daily supplication.

dua to bring husband and wife closer in Arabic and English

Practicing this dua with full faith and gratitude will create intimacy and closeness between spouses. 


By understanding the meaning of this dua and reciting it with faith will bring countless benefits Insha Allah. Here are some of the notable benefits you will gain through this supplication.
  • Love between spouses grows
  • Conflicts end as understanding grows
  • Acceptance occurs. Acceptance of each other despite all flaws is the key to creating closeness
  • Appreciation for each other grows
  • Misunderstandings end 
  • Intimacy increases
  • Powerful and strong relationship between husband and wife
  • Protection from Satan as a result of God's love that shields spouses' hearts 
  • Spouses become expressive and positively confident which is very important for closeness
  • Overall appreciation for life increases 
  • Love and trust in Allah grows 
  • Faith gets strengthened

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