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Dua for good marriage proposal | quick acceptance

  Pakrush Admin       Sunday, September 26, 2021

A marriage proposal occurs when one person asks the other for his or her hand in marriage. If accepted, it starts the engagement process, a mutual pledge of future marriage. Marriage proposals take place as small rituals in Muslim countries. 

If you are concerned about your son's or daughter's marriage and waiting for a quick proposal, you need to turn to Allah through this powerful dua based on a Quran verse

dua for marriage proposal success in Arabic and English

Transliteration: Subhanal-lazi khalaqal azwaaja kullaha mimma tumbitul ardu wa min anfusi-him wa mimma laa ya'lamoon

English translation: Glory be to the One Who created all pairs - from what the Earth grows and from themselves and from that which they do not know


1) Recite Durud e Ibrahimi (shareef) 11 times 

2) Recite the above-mentioned Quran verse 3313 times after Isha salah

3) Recite Durud 11 times again

Continue the dua for 21 days straight. 

This Quran-based dua or dhikr (tasbeeh) has been practised by many people and is recommended by a renowned scholar from Pakistan. So, I hope you will practise it and share it with those worried about their daughters' or sons' marriage proposal. 

The supplication can be done for proposals to come, and also for easy acceptance and success.

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