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4 Tell-Tale Signs Of Spiritual Leaders

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Spiritual leaders are unlike political leaders. They have gone through pain, suffering themselves before taking on the role of leadership in the path of spirituality. What sets spiritual leaders apart from followers and common folks are the following traits. 

If you have been lately looking for gurus, spiritual teachers or discipline, these traits will help you determine whether you are on the right path or not. There are lots of fake gurus and spirit leaders across the world and people end up losing more than gaining.  

1- They Educate, Guide Rather Than Direct Their Followers

The majority of great spiritual leaders were rebels who took the less travelled path. Additionally, they frequently rebelled against societal norms. Great leaders inspire without having to coerce followers. Rather than that, they direct them based on their own experiences and conclusions. Therefore, you must be capable of doing the same for your flock. You cannot coerce someone into achieving spiritual clarity; they must do so on their own, with your assistance.

2- They Are Compassionate

A truly great spiritual leader is selfless, and their worth as a person is determined by their ability to help others, not by their exalted status for their wisdom. And they do not sit back and wait for their followers to be showered with praise. Indeed, many great spiritual leaders have a tendency to avoid it. They do not seek to be revered; rather, they wish for their followers to find their way and empower themselves.

Any spiritual leader's primary objective should be the growth of their followers, and nothing else. They should assist them in determining their true identity and purpose in life, as well as provide assistance during times of distress and confusion.

3- They Are Humble and Willing to Learn More 

They frequently assert that when one ceases to learn, one ceases to grow, and this is true for leaders as well. While great leaders possess a wealth of knowledge, they are always willing to be taught, even by some of their followers. 

Additionally, they understand their limitations and when assistance is required. They are receptive to being mentored by someone with more experience. Great leaders are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to grow, which benefits their followers.

Additionally, great leaders understand how to delegate. They are capable of evaluating their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others. This enables them to hire the best people for the right jobs and to ensure their own succession within the organisation.

4- They Are Courageous 

If you examine the biographies of the majority of great spiritual leaders, you will notice that they all shared one quality: courage in the face of adversity. Regardless of your organisation, the likelihood is that you will have detractors. You may even face physical violence. This is a serious role you are about to take on, and you must be prepared to not only face adversity, but also to protect and reassure your followers.

Additionally, you'll need to be able to recognise when situations become too much for you to handle and find someone to take your place in times of need. Much of your support will come from you, and it will be your responsibility to maintain a strong face even when the house is on fire.

It takes more than faith and a good heart to be a great spiritual leader. Bear in mind that you will become the most influential person in the lives of many people, so ensure that your good intentions are backed up by actual competence before embarking on this journey.

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