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The Art of Raising Happy, Healthy, and Smart Children

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Raising a child is a challenge, there is so much responsibility resting on your shoulders, and sometimes it can feel like everyone is judging you for how you act or react to them when in public. But, so long as they are happy, healthy, and smart you have done your job. Below are a few tips on how it is possible to achieve this.

Incorporate Vitamins Into Their Diets

There is such an importance placed upon healthy eating in the world at the moment, so it stands to reason that the first tip in this article is related to it. Different food groups will keep your children healthy for different reasons, so it is important to make sure that they understand and eat some of each. This can sometimes be a bit more difficult than you would like, so if you are worried about whether they are getting the correct amount of vitamins, you can try using sugar free gummy vitamins, which will also mean that while your child is increasing their vitamin intake, they won’t be doing the same for their sugar intake.

Show Your Emotions and How You Handle Them

Children feel the same emotions as adults do, the difference is that children need to be taught what they are feeling and how to express themselves in an acceptable way. It is imperative that while teaching your child how to manage their emotions that you don’t make them feel invalid, otherwise, they could potentially make the children try to hide or bury them.

A lot of the time, when children experience a strong emotion that they don’t understand, they will lash out, for example in anger hitting another child. When this happens, it is advisable to sit down and talk about why they are feeling that way and how they should react instead of lashing out. This is definitely a thing to demonstrate for them so that they can grow up happy and healthy.

Do Not Act in Anger

So many times, we are quick to react, especially when we are angry and that isn’t the best time to act. Take a few moments to calm yourself before disciplining them, perhaps explaining to the child why you are doing this, so that they can imitate this behavior later as mentioned in the previous paragraph. This is because when acting in anger you are likely to do or say something that you will regret.

Keep Your Promises

It may not seem important to you, but to a child when you make a promise it is the worst betrayal to go back on it. Think back, was there ever a time your parents had promised to do something, or get something and they didn’t follow through? Make sure that you don’t make a promise that you can’t keep, otherwise children will see that as a sign that promises don’t mean as much as they should do, so not only will they be disappointed because what you promised hasn’t happened, but they will also begin to question whether they need to complete everything that they have promised to do.

Carve Out Some Bonding Time

Bonding time is essential for any relationship, it is how you develop your trust with each other and build up shared interests and experiences. Sometimes it can seem like such a challenge because of time restraints, but it is vital that you spend at least an hour a week together. It doesn’t even matter what you’re doing, it could be something as simple as sitting down and listening to how their day was, or reading to them before bed, but having time where their parents are completely focused on them and seem genuinely interested in forming a relationship with them, will help children to grow up happy, healthy and smart.


Raising happy, healthy, and smart children is definitely hard work, but it is so rewarding. There are so many different ways that you can encourage your child and lead by example, so that they can go out into the world emulating what you have taught them, knowing that no matter what you will be supporting them and ready to comfort them should they fall.


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