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4 key differences between zakat & zakat ul Fitr

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Like many Muslims you also probably confuse Zakat with Zakat ul Fitr (also Sadaqatul Fitr). There is a difference between the two and now is the best time to understand what these two important acts actually mean.

We will explore the 4 main differences between zakat and zakatul fitr:


Zakatul Fitr (Sadaqatul Fitr)

1# Zakat is obligatory (fard) only on those people who have a certain level of savings and wealth

1# Zakatul Fitr has to be paid by every Muslim, rich or poor, adult or baby, man or woman

2# Zakat purifies our money

2# Zakatul Fitr purifies our fasting that we did in Ramadan

3# Zakat money has to be spent in 8 categories (or on 8 types of people)

3# Zakat ul Fitr is given only to the very poor people

4# Zakat can be given any time of the year. There’s no certain time-frame for zakat.

4# Zakat ul Fitr has a very limited time-frame. According to Hadiths, the best time to pay your zakat ul fitr (or sadaqatul fitr) is on the morning of Eid day, before Eid prayer

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