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10 Easy-to-Spot Signs That Tell You Are Cursed

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A lot of people ask me whether or not they are cursed? They usually ask when most of the things are not going their way in life. A series of negative events such as financial losses/illness/accidents may be an indication that you are under a curse. 

Curses do exist but its practitioners are rare. A curse may be defined as a hex/spell done with an intention to cause harm. Most of the time they are psychic attacks or a result of somebody thinking negatively of you. A powerful curse may be hard to break when it is done by an experienced magician but it is rare. 

All Negative Things Are Not the Result of Curse 

Somebody can mistakenly assume that they are failing in life because someone put a spell on them and anything negative happening in their life is surely a sign of curse. Negative things happen in everybody's life unless there is a particular cyclical pattern associated with these negative events. Superstitions are bad and often lack any spiritual substance. They do not help your cause anyway! 

10 signs you are cursed

You are not Cursed If You...

Do you have enmity with people within your family, business circle or you are a social figure who interacts with thousands of people each month and have an opposition such as politicians, known personalities like athletes and celebrities? Do you have a family feud? If not, you probably are not cursed and nobody wants to harm you. The negative events in your life may purely be a random thing. Why people curse/hex someone? The most obvious reasons for hexes are: enmity and jealousy. 

You are Cursed If You...

There are various signs that indicate you are under the effect of curse/hex. The following signs are limited and there can be more effects that you experience. However, anyone under the effects of a spell usually face all these signs as well: 

1- Unexplained Illness

Unexplained illness is one of the most common symptoms among people suffering from hexes/curses. It occurs when a perfectly healthy person fall ills and doctors are unable to locate the root cause of illness. The tests don't indicate any serious illness but the person keeps getting weaker with each passing month. A person is often sleep-deprived and finds it hard to concentrate on daily chores and activities of life. If doctors clear from any serious psychical disease but your health keeps deteriorating, it is a sign that you under a hex. The witches/sorcerers try to harm people by casting "illness spells". 

2- Constant/Sudden Bad Luck

You were living a perfectly fine life with everything in place: health, finances, and relationships. All of a sudden, you have started noticing things going awry in some or all areas of life. You were a good student but now you don't feel like studying anymore. You were making a decent amount of money but now you are unemployed and do not want to work for any company. You get rejected in job interviews despite being very well-versed in your area of specialty. There is a specific pattern attached to your events of bad luck. For example, you meet an accident or don't even wake up on time for a job interview, it may indicate you are cursed in the area of finances. 

3- Animals Acting Strangely 

Another sign of curse/hex is that animals act and react strangely in your presence. For example, you have a pet dog or cat in your house, they start getting ill or you witness a dramatic change in their behavior. Animals have the sense and ability to sense and see the ghosts/demons usually associated with a curse spell. 

4-Weird Dreams 

You used to have peaceful sleep time bu suddenly you have started seeing nightmares. These dreams often contain horrific scenes such as car crashes, airplanes falling, and people chasing you in a bid to kill. These recurrent nightmares are a sign that you are under the influence of a curse or magick attack. You might also frequently see military/police people interacting or chasing you in dream. 

5-Constant Negative Thoughts

You are generally a positive person and have the habit of seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. However, you are now a seeing a dramatic shift in your thought patterns. You get angry at the slightest and less significant things and even start slurring the people mentally. This negative thought cycle may be due to the curse/hex attack sent your way. 

6-Glow From Your Face Gone

You were a pretty decent and good looking person but recently your skin tone/glow on face has faded. You have dark circles around your eyes and you can noticeably see that difference. It may be the result of a curse/hex spell cast on you. 

7-Strange Objects on your Property/Closet

If you see different objects on your property or any other belonging such as car or closet, it may be an indication that someone has cast a hex/curse spell on with a malevolent intention. 

8- Someone is Watching Over You 

When you are alone at home, you feel someone is there present with you in the room. Outside, you feel someone is following you. This is also a sign of a curse. You feel the presence of other things/entities energetically. If you also dream of being watched over, surely this is a sign that there are some spiritual disturbances you are going through. 

9- Holes in Clothes 

You shirts/t-shirts, towels or any other garment has a hole which is hard to understand what caused it. If you have been constantly seeing your garments go bad with holes,this is also a sign of curse/hex placed on you.

10- Missing Personal Important Items

You forget to carry important things or they go missing and its has been multiple times that this happened. You lost your house keys at a restaurant or forget your important documents at school or workplace. This has become a normal occurrence in your life. This is a sign of you being cursed/hexed. 


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