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15 Signs that Tell Ghosts Are Visiting You

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Ghosts are extraterrestrial creatures that often interact/mingle and interfere with humans but their presence can only be felt using extra sensory perception. Different cultures and traditions have defined ghosts differently according to their culture, religious beliefs and commonly-held and approved notions. All traditions/religions do believe ghosts are non-physical entities that can interfere with human life. There are different types of non-physical and ethereal beings and entities such as trapped spirits, angels, demons, elementals, fairies and residuals.   

Signs of Ghost Activity

Do you feel you are being visited by ghosts and non-physical beings? Or probably you feel you moved in a haunted house that has tons of spirits. You may also feel that a beloved one who has passed away is trying to connect with you to send across an important message. There are different signs that indicate the presence of ghosts and that you are being visited. 

The experience with ghosts and other extraterrestrial beings may be different. If these energies are benevolent, you may feel calm when they visit you. However, in case of malevolent entities, you may feel discomfort and agitated. The overall experience with ghosts is not usually pleasant as opposed to when angelic beings visit. 

There are 15 tell-tale signs that prove you are being visited by ghosts. Some signs are very obvious and can even go unnoticed while you are busy in daily life while some signs are may stir fear and trouble and you may feel alarmed. Lets discuss the 15 signs: 


Apparitions are defined as seeing unusual things/objects out of the blue or when you are least expecting this sight. For example, seeing a human-like figure on the sky is a sign that ghosts are visiting you. Apparitions are when you encounter a human-like image which is either misty, transparent or solid. 

2-Unexplained Voices 

You may hear sounds of unusual nature while being your room, bathroom or living place. You wonder what this sound came from and there is no logical explanation for that. You may also hear someone(often your family member) calling your name. You look back and find out that nobody actually did. 

3-Foul Odor

Smelling foul odor while doing your day-to-day activities is another sign of ghost presence (often evil ones). As opposed to angelic beings, evil entities have a foul odor and you may feel putt off by that smell. 

4-Unstable Temperature in House 

You may experience hot/cold temperature in your house and there is no logical and scientific explanation for that. 

5-Objects At Your Feet/Eerie Sensation 

You find objects at your feet such as coins, feathers or bird, or stones. When you see them, there is an unusual sensation in you feet such as being heavy and in slight discomfort. 

6- Animal Sensitivity 

Animals are naturally sensitive to paranormal activity. Your pet dog or cat might start acting strangely which includes stalking an unseen thing/object around the house or constantly looking at position and reacting to it strangely. 

7- Lurking Shadows 

You may experience seeing shadows in the corner of your room and when you focus on that, it disappears. For example, you are reading a book in your bedroom before sleep and you feel and vaguely see a shadow figure standing in the corner of your room. This is a sign of paranormal activity and that ghosts are visiting you.

8- Thoughts/Feelings of Being Touched 

You occasionally get the feeling that someone is touching you in dream or in state of drowsiness before sleep or reading a book intensely.  

9-Constant Feeling of Being Watched Over 

You have this constant feeling of being watched over. While walking in the garden, you feel someone is following you, you look back only to find out there is no body. It happens at a mental and spiritual level and you end up having no logical explanation for that.

10- Experiencing Cries/Whispers 

You often have this experience of hearing cries/whispers of babies only to find there is no one actually doing that physically. 

11- Electrical Appliances Acting Weirdly

There are random and unexplained fluctuations in your electrical appliances such as microwave, fridge or fans. If this type of activity recurs and your electricians cannot find a logical explanation for that, consider it a paranormal activity. 

12- Things Lost and Found 

This is the most common sign of ghost activity. You open your closet to look for an important document and find out that it is not there given the fact nobody unlocks this portion of your closet. You keep wondering how come you have lost these important and valuable documents. After some days or months, you open it again and find it. Things lost and found again without any human intervention is a sure sign of ghosts being present with you.


13- Lights Switching On/Off Automatically

Lights go off and on suddenly and automatically in a room. This happens when you are least expecting it because nobody is at home other than you. 

14- Doors Opening Suddenly 

Doors in your house open and shut suddenly. If this happens without any human present at the time, it is a sign of ghost activity.

15- Meeting People In Dream Who Passed Away

Frequently meeting people in dream who recently passed away is also a sign of ghost activity. The ghost attached with you may take the form of a human spirit who has passed away. 

If you are perturbed and feel discomfort due to the presence of ghosts with you or on your property, it is better to look out for healing opportunities. 

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