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Common Types of Spirits, Entities, Paranormal Beings

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Most of us have experienced a paranormal activity and this happened in a so quick manner that we end up believing it was just an illusion and there was nothing to worry about. It may be in the form of shadows, or a strong sensation of being watched over or chased in the real awake state. There are two types of people: one who reject the possibility that there can be ghosts and they call it nothing more than fantasy and the second type comprise of people who actually believe that paranormal activities are real and we should not ignore this facet of human life where unearthly and unseen forces seemingly try to co-exist with us. 

The paranormal researchers and experts have compiled a list of most common types of paranormal beings which we often experience in real life or see on horror films. The number of events involving paranormal activity is mind-boggling as historical and modern accounts suggest. There are five most common types of spirits and unseen entities. There seems to be consensus on it at least in the spiritual community. 

1- Orbs 

Orbs are the most common type of entities. They are often caught on camera and headline the news stories. They look like transparent/translucent ball of light hovering over the surface. Various ghost hunters and professionals have expressed their surprise at the fact how easily they are filmed and caught on camera.

Orbs are believed to be the souls of people/animals who have passed away from this world but they are travelling from one place to another. Their form of being is very fluid and they quickly try to pass from one place to another but if luckily camera is filming them, they are not thin/unseen enough to be captured on the lens. On photographs, they usually as white or blue bubble. 

2-Funnel Ghosts 

This type of ghosts usually dwell in ancient houses/buildings. They have a liking for cold and silent places. They take the shape of a swirling funnel and expert ghost hunters have observed this type is usually the spirit of the deceased and former residents of these houses and buildings. They are also captured on camera and appear as passing thin light or spiral. 

3- The Ectoplasm

Some ghost hunters have described them as mist like objects swirling in the air. The paranormal researchers have also named them mist ghosts.  They are usually grey, white or black in color and can be captured on the camera. They are similar to shape of vaporous clouds. The ectoplasms usually become visible to cameras before taking full-bodied apparition. Their dwelling place is usually graveyard, historical/ancient places and battlefields.

4- The Poltergeist

The poltergeist is the popular type of spirits/ghosts and paranormal beings. They are often also dubbed as noisy ghosts and are powerful enough to disturbances in the physical realm. The knocking of doors, lights switching on/off in an instant, is often the sign of poltergeist who are exerting their presence. The paranormal have long been fascinated with the power and mystique of this type of ghosts. Usually, they remain harmless and do not cause any other major disturbance but they can become dangerous if not dealt with correctly.  Some ghost hunters have described the poltergeist as mass of energy latched on to a living person or places. 

5- The Interactive Personality

The most common type of ghost is the interactive personality which is usually a decease person: a beloved family member, friend or any popular figure. They like to send across important messages when they appear. Sometimes they may turn hostile to specific people. They like to talk to the living people as their name suggests. 


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