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6 Signs You have Cords of Attachment

  Anonymous       Sunday, March 21, 2021

Cords of attachment are made up of energy structure/patterns created in the past between two people but continue in the present. Cords of attachment operate at a spiritual plane and are as real as psychical structures. These cords usually manifest in the following symptoms: 

  • Unconscious reactions that are uncontrollable.
  • Distorted and unclear thinking. 
  • Being stuck in old patterns. 
  • Being in a state where it becomes easy for people to feed off your energy. 

These are the most commons signs associated with people having cords of attachments. Whether or not, you have cords of attachments, the following six signs tell all. 

6 Signs of Cords of Attachment

1-Obsessive Thoughts About Particular Person

You spend most your time thinking about a particular person. You find it hard to overcome the onslaught of such thoughts. Though, you try to consciously overcome these thoughts and replace them but all goes in vain. You are hardly living in a present moment and you do not like the things/activities happening presently and are always preoccupied with the person. Even if years have passed by since you met/interacted with the person, you still cannot control your thoughts about them. 

2- Imaginary Arguments

You cannot get over the thoughts about the person and these thoughts are not often pleasant and positive. You start imaginary arguments with them within your mental space and keep talking to them. You continue to recall memories/time spent with that person. In those mental conversations, you also try to say things which you wish you had said to them while interacting with them psychically. These arguments are not a pleasant experience for you as they cause unconscious and negative reactions within you. 

3- Karmic Loop in Relationships

Even though, you feel you have forgotten this person and you no longer associate with them psychically or spiritually but you continue to re-experience the same kind of relationships with new people. You keep facing the same issues: heartbreaks, betrayal in love, abandonment and narcissistic friend/partner. These cords of attachment are causing such karmic loop and you need to heal yourself in order to create and experience new and improved relationships. 

4- You Meet Them In Your Dreams 

Cords of attachment transcend multiple dimensions of consciousness. You see that person in your dreams and these dreams are disturbing in the sense that they invoke the same old dramas, and patterns within your current life. 

5- Loss of Energy and Lackluster in Life

Despite being a healthy person, you remain energetically drained in your day-to-day activities. You feel fatigued even after doing small psychical tasks such as walking for 20 minutes and driving car for an hour. You exhibit loss of interest in life and its matters. 

These cords of attachments carry a burden in the form of negative energy and emotions that linger with you. Your auric field has been depleted due to those memories/trauma and negative events in the past. These openings in your auric field allow the person on the other side to siphon/drain your energy.  

6-Being Unable To Forgive

You find it hard to forgive a particular person even though you intuitively feel this is the right thing to do. Holding grudges at a deeper spiritual level is also a sign of cord attachment. If you feel particularly resentful or bitter towards a person, consider it a cord of attachment which needs healing. 



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