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4 Dangerous Types of Energy Vampires

  Anonymous       Friday, July 3, 2020

4 Dangerous Energy Vampires You Need To Watch Out For 

Energy Vampires are the people who take the sap out of you without your conscious knowledge and consent. They feed off your spiritual, psychical, mental and emotional energy. Energy vampires are not a rarity. They are most common within our friends and family's circle and we seldom recognize them. It takes a bit of spiritual insight to spot an energy vampire who is messing with you. 

The most common signs of you being a victim of an energy vampire can be classified as: heaviness on eyes, throat, chest, anxiety, depression, and constant feelings of being let down and underappreciated. While these signs may arise out of different issues and illnesses but the most common sign that confirms the presence of energy vampire is when your symptoms appear in the company of a particular person, friend, or family member. 

The damage an energy causes to you is manifold. They do not just inflict damage on your mental body but all energy bodies including spiritual, physical, and emotional. 

The energy drain manifests itself in different physical and real life illnesses such as diabetics, and cancer in worst cases. In order to protect yourself from energy vampires, it is important to know the 4 dangerous types of energy vampires that can wreak havoc in your otherwise peaceful and harmonious life. 

1- Narcissists
Narcissists are the worst type of energy vampires. The entire life of a narcissist revolves around feeding off and draining the energy of their victims. What makes narcissist dangerous is their lack of empathy and utter disregard for your emotional and mental well-being. 

A narcissistic would do everything it takes to fulfill their interests and agendas at the expense of their victim's well-being. It is not that hard to spot a narcissist. You can protect yourself from the energy drain by maintaining healthy boundaries. Stop feeding their egos and working to their interest and you will be able to have a safe distance with a narcissist. 

2-Big Talkers 
The big talkers are often the person who like to talk, speak and keep on doing that without listening to you. This personality type, though bordering on narcissism, is only interested in their own limited self. They do not have any regard for your feelings or emotions. Stay away from big talkers and people who like to boast about their achievements without listening to your ideas at all. 

You can protect yourself from this type of energy vampires by interrupting them and not allowing them to have their way in a conversation or relation. 

3-The Victims
You read it right. The victims seemingly demand sympathy and support from you but they are in fact energy vampires disguised. They operate with a pretext of "poor me" and "how life is treating me unfairly." Their negative aura makes it a perfect point for them to feed off your otherwise positive energy. 

For example, a person with a victim mindset will ruin you by not saying or doing anything to your directly. Their thoughts and body language is so dull and passive that it unconsciously starts taking away your positive vibes and energy. If you spend a great deal of time with them, you are most likely going to become like them.

The easiest way to protect yourself from the victims is setting healthy boundaries with them. You do not listen to your passive and often negative memories, incidents and tales. Instead of listening to them, you should start giving your own positive vibes by preaching the virtues of gratitude and positively. You will stop receiving the negative energy from them. 

4-Drama Queens
Drama queens, albeit of lesser intensity, are also energy vampires. This type of people want to create drama out of everything. Unless there is suspense, fighting, conflicts, and stressful situations, the drama queens cannot fathom the peace and serenity of life. 

They will engage you in a different way by creating conflicts around you. The easiest way to protect yourself from this type of energy vampires is that you do not give in to or allow their drams to take shape. Be straightforward and talk on point. 


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