Monday, June 29, 2020

Who's an Energy Vampire?

  Anonymous       Monday, June 29, 2020
Energy vampires are all around us and we seldom recognize them because we do not know their symptoms and signs. There are many energy vampires within our friends and family circle. An energy vampire is characterized by its ability to deplete and exhaust energy levels of other people knowingly or unknowingly. 

They operate at a very subtle and psychic level and it requires little bit of spiritual knowledge to spot one. There are various effective ways to deal with an energy vampire but it is not possible without knowing the signs and symptoms of an energy vampire. You should not mistake a normal and healthy for an energy vampire. It might be your co-worker, friend or spouse who is secretly depleting your energy without you knowing it.  The following signs and symptoms can help you spot one. 

Signs and Symptoms of Energy Vampire

  1. They like to dominate your at all times. 
  2. They have no regard for your opinion on any matter. 
  3. They feel and assert themselves as "all and most important". 
  4. They do not value the acts of kindness. 
  5. They never return favor. 
  6. They are the "drama queen" of your circle be it family or friends.  
  7. They only concede to "giving" when there is risk of losing you. 
  8. You feel drained of energy in their presence.  

You feel stressed, agitated, and often confused in the presence of energy vampires. So what is that that makes one an energy vampire? It has been noted through years of research that most of the energy vampires cling on to your auric and emotional field unintentionally. 

The energy drainage is related to our pranic/Chi/Qi energy and it makes us dull and perform our daily activities in a dull manner. Energy vampires are those immature and ignorant people who feeds off other people's energy. While the victim may feel exhausted and overrun by emotions in the short term, the energy vampires are the ones worst affected in the long term. 

Energy vampires have this erroneous understanding of the world around: it revolves around them and they are the ones who matter the most whatever the situation or their position is. They have this inbuilt inability to see other people from their own perspective. Energy vampires are worst when it comes to analytical skills and objective opinion.  

How Energy Vampires Feed Off Your Energy

The energy vampires create a psychic cord with their victims. This cording occurs between two people through their solar plexus chakra. The more the time you spend with an energy vampire, the cord becomes stronger and more debilitating.  It is always necessary to know little bit of spiritual and psychic knowledge to cut the cord or deal with an energy vampire. You can stop the energy vampire in their tracks but only if you know how energy vampires operate. 


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