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How To Leave a Narcissist

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Being in a relationship with a narcissist is not easy especially when its a long one. With the passage of time, their manipulative tactics increase so much that you naturally start thinking of leaving them despite you being in love with them in the past. Narcissist are the most toughest people to deal with. They do not want to end a abusive relationship because it fits their goals and mindset well. A reciprocated relationship to a narcissist is an alien idea since it does not allow their domination and manipulation. 
Being in a relationship with a narcissist is itself a tiresome thing. It drains your energy and makes your vulnerable to abuse as the relationship grows. However, like all things, it is quite possible to leave a narcissist and manage to live a better life without them. The trickiest part of ending a relationship with a narc is that they are too charismatic and charming to leave instantly and cunning enough to keep you hooked. 

The manipulative behavior of narcissist can make you go insane at multiple times in your relationship but you should not continue an abusive relationship all at the expense of your self-respect, dignity and pride. They will use all the tactics they know to keep you hooked and abused in  relationship. These tactics mainly are: gaslihting, love bombing, triangulation, smear campaigns, and hoovering.  These simple ways written below cane help and well equip you to leave a narc and live a better life without them. 

Know About Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It is important to educate yourself about what actually is a narcissistic personality disorder and how you can deal with a person suffering from it. Without knowing much about the disease, your chances of success are very slim. It is time to know how to deal effectively with their usual tactics aimed at guilt and self-blame and heal yourself completely.  Once you get to know the tactics employed by the narcissists, you increase your chances of foiling their attempts and detaching yourself from whirlpool of abuse and exploitation. 

Know Your Reasons For Leaving 
You also need to write down the reasons in details as to why you wish to leave a narcissistic person. Just wishing everyday that he/she improves is an exercise in futility.  Narcissists do not improve themselves just to keep the relationship intact with you. It is against their very nature. 
Once you have clear reasons why you wish to leave the narc is a step in the right direction. This will enable you come up with a right strategy and time to leave them.  The charm and cunning nature of a narc is too good to resist sometimes and it might make you change your mind. Once you have made up your mind to leave, do not announce it loud and out. Do not send any messages of threats. You have to disengage as much as you can.

Brace For Challenges After Leaving 

The idea of leaving and breaking up with a narcissist is never a smooth one.  You are bound have some type of challenges after you have broken up with them. A narcissist would try to harm your repetition through calculated smear campaigns and false propaganda. Once their control over you wanes, they try all in their power to regain it even if it comes at your social reputation.  Make sure you do not give any evidence of weakness that they can manipulate by publicizing it.
They will also make empty threats and false promises to regain control over you. Once every maneuver fails, the narcissist begins to lose ground and you gain confidence and emotional power to complete your break-up. 
It is also wise to cut off all connections and roads that lead to the narcissist person. It is better to avoid meeting and talking to your mutual friends who are close to the narcissist. They will try to use the mutual friends as a medium to bring you back in their loop--of deceit, manipulation and lopsided relation. If you have children with them, make sure you go with somebody to meet your children at scheduled time. 
Remember you are alone in this and do not have to share your grief and sadness with the narcissist for it would not create any feeling of guilt or shame within them. Time is the best healer and it will heal your emotional hurt, memories of being manipulated and dreams shattered! 


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