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Easy dua-prayer for all types of loan approval

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Being able to buy things with cash is something that not only Islam encourages but also every other religion. However if you have no option left, and are considering applying for a loan, you need God and His support every step of the way, from getting your loan application approved to meeting your need.

Here is a very powerful dua-prayer that you need in your spiritual arsenal to attract Lord's mercy in form of a loan approval.


"O Allah, turn this impossible task into a possible one, because nothing is hard for You. And I ask You for ease and forgiveness in the world and in the hereafter"

Dua prayer for all kinds of loan approval
This Islamic dua-prayer can be recited for all types of loan approval such as home and mortgages, car, business and personal loans


Allahummal-tuf be fee taiseeri kulli aseerin fa-inna taiseera kulli aseerin alaika yaseerun wa-as-alukal yusra wal mu'aafaata fid dunya wal akhirah.

Seeking loan is not prohibited or even frowned upon, but the failure to repay as per the contract is definitely something we all should be concerned about. Debt comes with responsibility so the borrower should be prepared to pay off the debt on time.

There is a hadith that warns those who borrow money and refuse to repay without any valid reason. Sometimes people develop the habit of living off other people's money and not working despite having the capability.

"Procrastination (delay) in repaying debt by a wealthy person is injustice" (Sahi Bukhari 2400)

This dua can be used for these desires as well:

  1. Home / mortgage loan approval
  2. Car loan 
  3. Business loan
  4. Personal loan 

Tips to make the most out of prayer

When your loan application is accepted, take the time out, sit in silence and thank God for this huge favor and make a commitment to get out of the debt as quick as possible.

Allah doesn't want us to become dependent on people, rather He wants us to rely on Himself alone. When you become too dependent on aid or financial help of any kind, you lose your freedom even though you are solving many of your problems with that economic relief in the form of loan.

There are the tips you must follow:

1) Give charity (Sadaqa) on a consistent basis

If you want to become financially independent and have constant supply of cash and resources coming your way, start giving back. Start by setting aside coins and a dollar or two from your income. Look for the needy and deserving people who need money. Buy a homeless person a piece of bread on a daily basis. There are countless ways you can initiate a well-organized charity campaign to develop the habit of giving and spending on people. This is the fastest and the most powerful way to become financially independent.

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2) Practice gratitude

Gratitude attracts more of the same that we are already grateful for. It's a spiritual law that science and psychology has also started talking about today and Islamic scripture is already full of the evidences that how a little thank with sincere heart can open the floodgates of blessings and ease. Not just Islam, other religions such as Christianity and Judaism also stress the importance of gratitude.

So start by counting your financial blessings such as available cash resources and material possessions. Thank in advance for the approved loan application and the money coming your way. Thank God for this prayer and post that you are being reminded of practicing thankfulness and its benefits.

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If you want miracles in your financial life, start building an attitude of gratitude toward money, material blessings, resources. You will soon see abundance flowing into your home in multiple forms. Any person, be it a Muslim, a Catholic or a Jew can practice gratitude and see God's mercy descending upon them.

Thanks for reading Easy dua-prayer for all types of loan approval

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