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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Signs and Symptoms

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You must have spotted a narcissist person within your family or friend's circle but the traits of narcissism may lead to serious psychological disorders and problems in life---this fact remains elusive to many of us. If you are dealing with a narcissist such as your spouse, sibling or someone you can't break up with, you should convince into seeking professional help. The signs and symptoms of this disorder will not go on their own. 

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPO)?

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder is marked by obsessive self-centered and often grandiose image of oneself. A narcissist person would always suffer from self-grandeur and extreme self. The question is: does their imagined personality image correspond to the reality? No. Never. They use self-love and addiction to self-praise as an excuse to hide the insecurity buried within themselves.   

Another sign of narcissistic personality disorder is the patient does not entertain the idea of changing their behavior. They feel as if they are doing, thinking right and there is no reason to change anything about their personalities. Below are some common signs and symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder: 

1-Excessive Self-Love and Inflated Self-Image 
A narcissist would typically have excessive self-love and inflated self-image. No matter where they are realistically in their lives, they would pose as if there is nobody who can or has accomplished as much as they have. The drive to reinforce this inflated self-image is intense and constant. 

2-Constant Self-Admiration
The narcissist is always in pursuit of constant self-admiration. They want people around them to keep praising them no matter what. This makes them averse to criticism hence reducing the remote possibility of change in behavior. 

3-Living in Fantasy
A narcissist person prefers to live in a fantasy world of their own. Since reality does not correspond to their inflated self-image, they dread stepping out of their mental zone. Their "fantastic" image of themselves is driven by deception, miscalculation, and erroneous assessment. The reality check is always a enemy to them that needs to crushed in the first instant for it would expose their inner feelings of shame and failure. 

4-Manipulating Others Without Shame
Narcissists would manipulate others to their advantage without a sign of guilt or shame. They rationalize and justify this pattern of behavior. For example, if somebody points out their shady behavior and scheme, they would often turn against them instead of taking corrective measures. The change/correction is an idea alien to them. 

Narcissist always feel self-entitled to every blessing they possess. Instead of being grateful to others involved in their accomplishments, if any, they would rush to take all the credit for them without any regard to any third person involved. You often see and run into people in offices who take all the credit for the work they have not even done. These are the narcissists right in your face. 

6-Demeaning and Bullying Others
Narcissist tend to bully, belittle and demean others constantly because they cannot accept the fact that someone else can be better than themselves. Though deep inside, they acknowledge other's superiority but they use bullying and belittling tactic to deflect the attention from their inner lack and insecurity. 

What To Do If You Suffer From NPO?

It is never too late to accept that you suffer from this mental disease and there is no shame in seeking professional help outside. Just like any other mental disorder, narcissist too are reluctant to acknowledge the presence of this order within themselves. Plus, it is hard to convince them into accepting that there is something that needs attention and correction. Take time to contemplate and talk to yourself whether you have all these signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. Show courage to seek out professional help and begin your journey to transformation and change today. 


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