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How To Deal With Narcissistic People Effectively

  Tim       Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Narcissistic people are very hard to deal with as they are elusive as well as blatantly obvious with the shenanigans and they confuse their victims easily. You must have been in relationship with a narcissistic person: a friend, spouse, or sibling and you have found it difficult to deal with them. It is perfectly okay and not your fault because narcissists are very difficult to deal with. to begin with. However, if you understand their strengths and weaknesses, you have already figured out how to deal with them effectively since you know their method of machinations. There are some very effective methods that put narcissist at bay and keep you from being manipulated and abused emotionally. 



1-Learn To Set Healthy Boundaries

The first step in the right direction is learning to set healthy boundaries in your relationship with a narcissistic person. Just know that every relationship has to be reciprocal and not one-sided. Narcissist person never believes in having a relationship based on mutual respect, give and take, and reciprocity. Narcissist have no consideration for your emotions, feelings and above you "self". They do not believe in any self-respect based relationship and want to gain more out of you even if it comes at the expense of your respect, dignity and pride. 

Narcissist only wants to manipulate without any regard to your personal opinions, needs and considerations. You are mere tool to be played around with in the world of a narcissist. By setting healthy boundaries, you block them from invading your privacy, asking for favors in form of money/time and limit their overtures. A healthy boundary that you set is always a spanner in the works of narcissists. 

2-Be Gentle 
You have to be gentle in your approach and strategy to keep the narcs at bay or you would further create problems for yourself. It is not wise to be straightforward and overly expressive about your discontent and disappointment while dealing with a narcissist. 
3-Execute Your Plan Subtly 
Your plan to keep the bugging narcissist might fall apart if you do not execute your plan subtly and wisely. Do not let your goal/intention manifest through any word/message or discussion with the person in question or he would take little to no time to thwart your entire plan. If you fail to keep your plan a secret, the narc will come up with their own strategy to keep the relationship alive.  
4-Don't Engage in Argument 
The problem with a narcissitic person is that when things/situations don't go their way, they tend to be extremely salty and have their fight mode switched on. They might use the argument tactic to further bring you down and make their covert manipulation effective. When the discussion gets heated, make sure you quickly detach from that situation and do not engage in an argument with them. It is not worth it. 
5- Shun The Need For Approval 
By now, the narcissist has gained success by manipulating your need for approval. Once you stop seeking their approval, they become as upset as fish out of water. They might secretly try to play and capitalize on your need for approval. By shunning the need for approval, you effectively cut off from any further emotional blackmail, financial damage and threat to your inner peace. 


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