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Traits and Characteristics of Divine Feminine

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What Is Divine Feminine? 

The divine feminine is a sacred idea and has abstract connotations instead of commonly held notions about women and their bodies. We, as human beings, all embody the divine feminine part within ourselves. It is not something that has to do with females, femininity and women empowerment as the term may suggest per se. The divine feminine embodies the positive traits of forgiveness, empathy, love, healing, sympathy, honor, and gratitude.

Traits and Characteristics of Divine Feminine

What Are The Traits Of Divine Feminine?

The divine feminine is the energy associated with female side of ourselves. With too much emphasis on materialism, the importance of divine feminine energy has been largely underrated. The divine feminine energy is within all of us whether we are male or female. In this article, we take a look at the fundamental traits and characteristics of divine feminine. There have been various attempts to crush the divine feminine traits from our modern society to serve the agendas of male dominance. 


Creativity is the first and foremost trait of divine feminine. It stems
from the power to create, transform and nurture the existence of things--all things that are there. This divine attribute lies within all of us. Look around the world and you will see the Divine Feminine in action and all manifest.  Limiting divine feminine to only women will be gross injustice to the concept itself. The women, though, are indeed the masters and torch bearer of the concept but they are so creative that that pass on the trait of creativity down to other people in the form of giving birth. The fact that women have long been suppressed historically to make way for male dominance, it certainly does not strip them of the creativity that is inherent in them. Have you ever wondered why women are more creative and they thrive in professions and jobs where there is need for higher levels of creativity. 

2-Strong Presence of Deep Feelings, Thoughts

The second equally important characteristic of divine feminine and feminine energy is being aware of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, men have been taught from their childhood to suppress their emotions as it considered a weakness rather than strength. This inherent characteristic of divine feminine is within all of us whether men or women but men have been conditioned socially and culturally to curb this. Women are more sensitive they feel and think more.

3-Greater Sense of Justice And Morality

The Divine Feminine professes the greater and larger sense of morality and justice in the society and universe at large. That very sense of justice and morality is coupled with balance and you will not see the imperfection in the very notion of the above-said traits. Females tend to embody these traits in human societies and animal kingdoms.  

The Divine Feminine is deeply rooted in the female personality traits. In our modern world, we rarely see women assaulting, kidnapping and murdering other people in the society. The reason lies in their predominant feminine side and penchant for justice and morality. The Divine Feminine is in a way a counterpart to male warrior spirit. 

4-Empathy, Patience and Humility

The Divine Feminine is sacred and only embodies the positive traits such as empathy, patience, gratitude and humility.  There is no room for negative traits when it comes to divine and rightly so. In every culture, religion and spiritual traditions, the divine feminine has always been revered and respected. 

Empathy, patience, and humility are the traits that have always been respected and celebrated irrespective of the old traditions and values. The modern world also celebrates these traits albeit with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. If the feminine traits were historically suppressed to make room for male dominance, the modern has done the same by distorting the feminine values. The women now have to embody the male traits to operate in the society. 

What Divine Feminine Is NOT? 
The Divine Feminine has often been misunderstood due to the social meanings that we assign to females, femininity and women. Exploitation, hatred, being seen as mere objects, abuse of power has nothing to with divine feminine. The Mother Divine embodies feminine values and dictates us to try and adopt the same traits to improve and advance in our lives. No matter, how technologically we become advanced, the human nature has always remained the same and we should revert to the higher values of divine feminine. 

Can We Access Divine Feminine?

We all have innate connection to the divine feminine and we always can reconnect to it if the social and cultural norms have arranged our disconnect. The divine feminine can heal our wounds and help us improve our lives dramatically in ways we never imagined.  


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