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5 Ways To Heal and Express Divine Feminine

  Anonymous       Friday, March 13, 2020
The Divine Feminine is a sacred idea rooted in ancient spiritual and religious cultures but the fact remains the feminine energies have been wounded in modern world to make way for capitalistic and male-oriented agendas. The people, at the helm of powers, misunderstood divine feminine for weakness and lack while the divine feminine aspect of nature resides within all of us: males or females and we would have a better world today if we understood the power and importance of the divine feminine. 

Heal and Express Divine Feminine

The most visible forms of wounded divine feminine have manifested in events of abuse, exploitation and dishonor. The divine feminine has been wrongly attributed as a threat to male dominance historically. There are various ways that can help us fully heal and express the divine feminine that lives within all of us. 

1-Be Kind and Compassionate

One of the most important reasons that has wounded and stifled the aspect of divine feminine in our lives is lack of kindness and compassion. We have been socially and culturally conditioned to be and act "tough" in all circumstances. In order to heal and express the inherent divine feminine, it is necessary to learn the art of exercising compassion and kindness no matter what the situation dictates. 

In the world of selfishness and extreme self-centered agendas, the act of kindness and compassion are celebrated as rare unique instances while kindness and compassion should have been the most common practice in our societies. 

Key Actions To Take

1-Give more and demand less in return. 
2-Try to create value in other people's lives. 
3-Make a pledge to do one act of kindness on daily. (it can be as little as giving a hug to your colleague who is depressed for personal reasons).

2- Exercise Patience

Patience is a virtue in itself and one of the most important feminine traits. Anything we achieve worthwhile in life is always a result of sustained patience. We can rush things and get anything worth having in life overnight. There are no shortcuts to life and the recipe of success in every are of life lies in patience. Once we start practicing patience, we begin to align our souls and bodies with the the divinity and improve our lives dramatically. 

We humans by nature are prone to getting quick results without much effort. Who does not want to get rich quick? There is a reason why people who get rich do not have overnight success. Love is the most powerful emotion which also requires us to be patient. How many times has it occurred to you that you have tough times in relationship with people you love and the only thing you can do to save that relationship is through patience. 

Key Actions To Take: 

1-Do not rush decisions. Allow things to come to fruition. 
2-Learn to deal with the things uncomfortable things as they are with an optimistic mindset. 
3- Stop blaming others for your deficiencies in life.

3- Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the most transcending and powerful emotion that can bring about miracles in our lives. Gratitude heals our emotional wounds, erases toxic memories, and gives hope for a better tomorrow and future. 

It is our responsibility as a human being to appreciate the very life and its source. There is so much happening in the universe and different realms: spiritual and physical that we can logically comprehend and grasp intellectually. The divine feminine is a life-force and demands our gratitude to fully heal and express our lives in line with the divinity. 

Key Actions To Take:

1- Count your blessings, not problems. 
2-Be grateful for waking up alive every morning. 
3-Appreciate people who have helped you in becoming whoever you are today. 

4- Listen To Your Intuition

We all have innate powers of connecting with our intuition and direct our life decisions and paths accordingly. Without the power of intuition, we perhaps would have still been living in dark ages. 

Intuition is an inner voice that we all have and it guides us to take decisions that improve our lives both at personal and social level. Without the power of intuition, Einstein would not have given to the mankind what he did. We would not have computers and every improving technological advances. The first step to improving our intuition is spending time alone and engage in meditation and contemplation. 

Key Actions To Take:

1-Listen to your inner voice. 
2-Find time in solace to contemplate. 
3-Follow your dreams.

5- Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something that we can change our lives dramatically. By forgiving others and ourselves, we come into harmony with spiritual and universal forces. Forgiveness is also one of the most important traits of divine feminine. When we forgive others and ourselves, we eliminate the blockages both of emotional and psychological nature. According to one research study, the people who are forgiving tend to live improved lives both mentally and physically. 

Key Actions To Take: 

1-Forgive yourself. 
2-Forgive your parents. 
3-Forgive those who have hurt you in life. 

By practicing the above ways, we can align ourselves with the divine feminine. The more we practice, the better we become.



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