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Easy and powerful ruqyah wazifa for Coronavirus

  Pakrush Admin       Saturday, March 14, 2020
Staying connected to God through His remembrance is an all-time task for a Muslim, but when calamities or threats occur, the need to firmly hold on to the Almighty Protector becomes even more important.

Keeping in mind the outbreak of Coronavirus (covid-19), a Muslim's best bet is to not just ensure protection through material resources such as doctors, science, medicines, and available modes of prevention, but also stay in harmony with Allah through prayer. A ruqyah or wazifa is a powerful form of treatment that is derived from hadith.


Before you listen to the ruqyah, it is preferrable to: 

  1. Sit in a quite place where you can't be disturbed by outside noise or any other distraction.
  2. Recite Surah Fatiha one time as thanks to Allah for these healing words and blessings hidden in it.
  3. Listen to the ruqyah with full belief in Allah's abilities and mercy for keeping you and your loved ones safe.
  4. Recite Surah Fatiha one time again to thank God for this ruqyah.


How to get powerful results from this ruqyah

In order for this ruqyah to benefit you and keep you protected not just from Coronavirus, but also from any other disease, you have to follow some very important guidelines that are crucial to the manifestation of our supplications to Allah.

Powerful Belief in God

It is not just enough to verbally recite a few verses from Quran or Hadith, as we must have a powerful belief in the ability of Allah for our desire. If we ask Allah for something with weak faith, we convince Him that we don't fully trust Him and we are just double-minded about His capabilities, might, mercy and power over covid-19.

Apparently, covid-19 may give the impression to us that it's the most powerful, most hidden and the scariest thing in the world, but the fact is, Allah is more powerful, more hidden (The Subtle - Al-Lateef), more fearsome (Al-Qahhar and Al-Qavi) and more intelligent than virus we cannot we see with our naked eye.

What we have to do is keep our focus on the power, mercy and intelligence of Allah, rather than pay attention to what Coronavirus is doing to people.


Thankfulness or gratitude alone can rip covid-19 to shreds as we must know that nothing pleases Allah more than His appreciation, acknowledgement and praise. We we pray to God with a thankful mind and heart, He listens our prayers and gives us what we ask.

Thank the Lord for not hitting you and family members with Coronavirus, many people are living in a lockdown imposed by their governments. Even if you have been locked down, thank the Lord for keeping this disease at a distance from you. At least you are safe and sound with your loved ones. Thank Him for making you courageous, confident and stable-minded and not scaring you with this disease as many people are living in constant fear as they or their loved ones have been diagnosed with this disease.

These are some of the examples of how you can feel thankfulness to Allah regarding this ongoing threat. You can think of numerous blessings, reliefs and favours being showered upon you by Allah regarding the current scenario.


It's a Quranic fact explained to us by Allah that humans have free will but they often use it against themselves due to their ego, negligence, arrogance, pride, competition, greed, and evil intention.

However, thanks to Allah that He still allows us as many second-chances as we ask Him for. Astaghfar is always available to us, to clean the bad data that we humans gather due to our own laziness and wrongdoing.

At this stage, you might wonder what astaghfar has to do with Coronavirus and "why I should do istaghfar?" You might also say to yourself, "I didn't do anything wrong to create this virus, so why I am the only one who is supposed to repent to Allah and what for?"

By doing astaghfar, you can become the only or maybe one of the few, persons to convince Allah that you are ready to correct yourself and mend your ways. And this attracts mercy of Allah, and that's all we need. By repenting, you communicate to Allah that you are really sorry for what humans are doing to themselves by not paying attention to Creator's advice.

By doing istaghfar, I let Allah know that: I am willing to stop being thankless and start appreciating and acknowledging the life He's given me. I am sorry for not valuing the health He has blessed me with. Sorry for not valuing family, for not understanding how important their bond is, for not appreciating Him for peace and stability in life, for not valuing time He gives us so that we can let Him know that we thank Him for His favors upon us.

Further tips and advice

  1. Give sadaqa: According to a hadith, sadaqa removes calamity, misfortune, and evil of all kinds. Try to give charity to the poor and the needy. No matter how much money I have right now, what I can do is at least show willingness to give the needy whatever I can afford. Charity is not just about money and currency note, it can be anything of value that you can offer for the sole purpose of benefiting others, be it food, clothes, helping hand, valuable knowledge etc.  
  2. Wudu: If possible, try to stay in wudu for longer hours of your day, especially when you are going out. Wudu not only cleans the outer parts of the body, it also cleanse our inner body (soul, mind/thinking/aura etc). In addition to wudu that you do for five-times prayers, make ablution on purpose when you are not praying, as a way to build a protective shield around your body and spiritual/mental body (aura). Viruses like covid-19 attack humans through body (nose, mouth, hands), so it's best to stay in ablution, if possible.

Thanks for reading Easy and powerful ruqyah wazifa for Coronavirus

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