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Prophet Musa dua for speech problems and stammering

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If you, or anyone close to you, is suffering from speech problems such as stammering, autism and speech delay, but you think you haven't got positive results through psychological aid or simple speech therapy, you really need to now turn to Allah through dua while using available resources of science and medicine created by the Lord.  

This dua is mentioned in the Quran, Surah Taha verse 25-28, and was recited by Musa AS after Allah assigned him as prophet to call Pharaoh towards Islam. Having problem with his speech, Prophet Musa AS was aware that he needed clarity of speech in order to effectively give dawah to Pharaoh (Firoun in Arabic). He supplicated to Allah with the below-mentioned prayer:
dua for speech problems, stuttering and fluency

There is no problem or speech disorder in the world that cannot be fixed, but the success depends on how much we trust the Most Merciful Lord and His power.

Note: If you are having medical treatment for your speech disorder, don't stop it. Keep getting help while reciting this dua as all things come from God and belong to Him alone. Be it your therapist, medication, the money you use for treatment, the transportation you use to get to the medical facility -- all things proceed from one source, Allah.

You can use this dua for these speech impediments:


Stammering problem may be deep rooted, but it can be cured Alhamdulillah. By following the above-mentioned dua and method explained here, the affected person can miraculously fix this problem, given it's done with full faith, patience and gratitude.


People with autism are likely to have speech impediments, although this problem isn't always a speech disorder. In addition to your treatment and therapy that you are having, you must turn to the Lord for mental and spiritual strength, which is the key to any cure. This can be done through practicing this dua as staying connected to Allah enables us to look at our problems with confidence, fearlessness, caution and thankfulness.

Your job is to stick to Allah through this dua and focus on healing with a grateful mind. From now now, start thanking Allah for this dua, for your therapist, for medical aid and medication, for consultants, for giving you time and family to battle this problem. Gratitude is the most powerful gift we have at our disposal as Allah powerfully manifests our prayers when we ask Allah with a thankful mind.

Speech delay

You are probably already going to a speech pathologist. Since no cure happens without the will and mercy of Allah, we must thank the Lord for for treatment and the blessing of this beautiful dua that keeps us connected to Him.

Further disorders:
  • Dysarthria 
  • Apraxia
  • Lispin
  • Aphasia 

Steps to faster and powerful results

In order for you to get the desired results with this dua, you must take time out from your busy schedule and spend about 10 to 15 minutes on it, everyday. Remember that dua needs to be done with hundred percent faith and consistency. Vague desire and an attitude of negligence often ends up in failure. Strong faith is the first and foremost ingredient in fulfillment of your desire. Read on to find out how you can convince Allah to heal your stammering and speech disorder.

1) Have 100% faith in Allah's abilities and mercy

Why ask Allah if we don't even trust Him enough? Weak faith means we are not ready to give God the value He deserves. So, start this dua with full faith in the Lord. Start trying to believe that Allah has listened to your prayer. How can you start to have belief in Allah that He will end your stammering problem? Simple. Just show willingness and act like you have rock-solid faith in God. "No matter how big this problem may be, I am confident in the abilities, mercy, intelligence and power of the Almighty."

keep focusing on how big Allah is in comparison with your stuttering problem, how much merciful He is, how much intelligence He has and how much He cares about His creation. Spending two to three minutes on belief will put you in a confident state of mind. You can now move on to the next step.

2) Show thankfulness for current blessings and for healing in advance

It's no use worrying or complaining about your speech impediment. You didn't have a choice when it was happening, and Allah knows it. Now, your best attitude is to show thankfulness for existing blessings and for healing that is coming your way Inshallah.

Healing comes miraculously when we surrender to Lord with thankfulness and faith. Start thanking Allah that your problem isn't that serious. It could have got much worse, but the Lord kept it to a level you can easily handle it. Be thankful that for present blessings around your stammering problem Thank Allah for this dua, for medicine, for family support, for people who understand your problem and give you encouragement, for therapists who work on you, for your tongue that there's no physical defect in it, for your mouth that functions well. Think about other blessings and try to create intense feeling of thankfulness for Allah. 

Now, start convincing Allah that you will be extremely thankful to Him after He removes stuttering from you. Imagine yourself in a condition where you have been healed. Notice this stutter-free or disorder-free state of yours in your imagination and feel gratitude and love for God.

3) Avoid impatience

Nothing is more harmful to prayer than lack of patience. When we ask Allah for something, there is usually a time-lag between our request and the fulfillment of that request. When we show to Allah that we cannot wait while He works behind the scenes for us, and start panicking due to doubts, fears, people's pressure, and ignorance, we send a negative signal to Allah. By not staying patient, we show that we don't trust Allah. Patience is the key.

Patience is all about staying positive about Allah and your speech impediment. When we are patient, we give the impression that we are mature, sincere, and a firm believer in Allah's abilities and attributes.

So, whenever worry and doubts and try to invade your mind, just stick to this verse "Inallaha ma'assabireen" "God is with the patient"

4) Be consistent in dua

It is not enough to recite this dua once or twice. You have to show to the Lord that you are really concerned about getting your problem fixed. Do daily sessions of this prayer by sitting in a quite place for 10 to 15 minutes at least and repeat the above-mentioned steps. These above-mentioned steps (faith, thankfulness, patience) are vital to the success of any supplication.

Thanks for reading Prophet Musa dua for speech problems and stammering

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