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Need realistic approach to personal development

  Pakrush Admin       Friday, February 14, 2020
Ever seen one of those nuclear war movies where everything becomes a desolate wasteland? People have to fight for their survival against insurmountable odds and endure severe testing ground conditions. 

We all go through personal situations that test our endurance, relationships, resilience, confidence and many other areas of our lives. These particular situations teach us many things about ourselves. They ultimately become our  testing ground. These issues are not resolved easily. 
What area of your personal life did you find yourself in a brutal War that felt like a daily battle that at times felt like an unnecessary nuclear waste zone?

  • Relationship (Messy Brutal Divorce)
  • Job (Battle Loss)
  • Living Situation (Roommate From Hell)
  • Health Issue (Devastating Illness)

Where was your Nuclear Waste Personal Life Testing Ground?

Picture some nuclear waste spot with a crash test dummy on the fence.This Mannequin is guarding in my particular situation a Lamp Hospital. You heard that right. If your lamp has a stomach ache there is a place you can take it. If your lamp needs a little TLC then you know where to go.,

Testing ground crash test

I digress somewhat, but  the mannequin in front got me to think about movies I grew up on Road Warrior and the other Mad Max Nuclear wasteland films. This place I was living at seemingly masked what it truly it was a testing ground.

Those movies  were all about Chaos. It was all about surviving in a harsh environment. And It got me to think about in my own life and the challenges and situations that felt like I had survived a nuclear personal life testing ground . At certain times it felt like a place of nuclear waste that served no real purpose except for self torture. The area that I lived in was the testing ground.
And  this part of the town I lived in felt like a wasteland. In some cases, there was nothing but desert. Sometimes you could walk to a few dive bars or saloons or other areas.  I felt that part of town was brutal at times. Had to walk for miles to get from place to place or take the bus in the middle of summer.

But then it hit me. 

See the nuclear waste testing ground wasn’t a negative place at all . It was a positive place.
It was a place for strength and growth! If I could survive this experience what couldn’t I survive!

Then I found myself in another testing ground situation the back seat of a car in the summer. The car got Nuclear.  May not seem like much of a training ground but this is where I lived for the better part of 70 days in the summer time between May and July temperatures reach 110 degrees and the car was even hotter. Had to douse myself with water and then go back to the car only to be dry within ten minutes, Went back to the park several times of the night pouring water all over myself in the fountain. 
Nuclear waste training ground
Wizard of Odz truck

It was my nuclear waste training ground. It was my place where I learned how to be more resourceful. If I had found myself in a tough situation nowhere to go it became another option. That is if the Craigslist thing didn’t work out. It was hard at times but the lessons learned were extremely valuable.

It also helped me realize I can handle anything that comes my way.

Wizard of odz

There were some key lessons I learned from this experience:
  • Who  my true friends are and who are the phonies who simply pretended to be supportive.
  • How to become more resourceful with what was already around me!
  • What inner strength really means when things go completely nuclear.

We were often taught certain lessons that seem painful at the time. But they teach us that our strength is already there. They teach us about the most important people in our lives. 

What was your nuclear waste testing ground ?  Did you survive it or are you still struggling in it?
It is important to examine the testing ground as a way to discover things about improving yourself after surviving the ordeal and the life lessons for further personal growth.

Thanks for reading Need realistic approach to personal development

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