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Powerful dua to stay safe in hot weather

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When the summer season arrives it is natural for you to find ways to beat the heat. But when the weather gets too hot to bear, you are forced to rely on not just physical means such as air-conditioning, staying indoors, taking lots of fluids and water, but also prayers and duas that enable you to attract mercy from Allah and get relief. 

We should always try our best to remember God, no matter how good or bad our situation is, but when things like summer heat becomes too hot to handle, we are reminded of turning to Allah with full sincerity, repentance and gratitude.


La ilaha illallahu maa ashad-da harra haazal yawum. Allahumma ajirni min harri jahannam

English translation

"There is no God except Allah. How hot is this day! O Allah, protect me from the heat of jahannam"

Heat is not bigger than Allah

Maybe you have never experienced such an extremely hot weather, but the fact is, God is bigger than the Sun and its hotness and now is the right time to surrender to Him for relief. When things go beyond our control, we usually surrender and try to look for a way out, but when resources fail and there is no solution available, we end up calling God as a last resort. So, what we have to do is focus on the Creator of the heat, not the creation (heat). 

The prayer starts with declaration that only Allah has what it takes to be considered and called the real God. This means that we must direct all our attention toward the real Source of the hot weather, not the weather itself. Allah is the ilah that deserves our attention, not the Sun or any other created thing. When things try to grab our attention and hijack our mind powerfully, be it heat, cold, or anything, they actually try to project themselves as false ilah. So what Allah expects us to do in that situation is that we must tell these false Gods that they are nothing compared to the real ilah who is only Allah the Almighty.   

How this dua can help you

The benefits of reciting this prayer are countless as you must be aware that hot weather typically brings a number of risks and dangers so keeping on the safe side is important. So, in order to stay protected from heat you can keep reciting the prayer over an over with focus on its meaning and comparing God and the weather so your mind gets filled with the thoughts of Allah and His capabilities. Here are some of the notable benefits we get when we recite dua. 


Continued and excessive hot weather that sometimes turn into heat-wave can pose a serious danger if you go outdoors unprotected as it may cause a life-threatening illness called heatstroke. In order to stay safe, you have to only only take all the possible measures but also call upon Allah to remove the effects of blazing heat. 

Tips for making the dua

When saying prayers and asking God to do us a favor, we must be aware that sincerity and faith are the most important factors. If you can follow the points mentioned below, you can see this dua's miracles right before your eyes.
  • Do a proper dua session: Make wudu and sit in a quite place for 3 to 5 minutes for a proper session. With your eyes closed, recite this dua. It is necessary for us to pay full attention to our request that we are sending to Allah because distractions or a mind occupied with fear and worry impacts our supplication negatively. 
  • Have full faith:  In order to have full belief in the power and ability of Allah, you should recite this dua already expecting that your request has been accepted and you are now protected. If we think Allah is able to beat the heat, then we must believe it now with full sincerity. 
  • Repent and surrender: Unwanted events are the results of people's mistakes and sins as Allah only showers His bounty. So, we must repent and say sorry to God with honesty as things like heat and other calamities are usually caused by humans' mistakes and arrogance. 

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