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Surah Rahman miracle for quick pain relief

  Usama       Sunday, December 18, 2022

All Quran is shifa Alhamdulillah. 

And when it comes to Surah Rahman, there's something very special about it. 

Why is Surah Rahman so powerful & miraculous for pain relief

Surah Rahman is all about praise and appreciation for Allah. The Surah asks humans to express gratitude and thanks for the blessings Allah has given them. 

There is a law of gratitude that says: When we give thanks for something in advance, that thing moves towards us by the will of the Creator. Why? Because Allah loves His praise and appreciation.

Consider these powerful words from a Hadith: "Nothing is loved by Allah more than the praise of His Ownself and it is because of this that He has praised Himself. [ Sahi Muslim, Book 37, Hadith No. 6647]

When you feel thankfulness for your body, the part that is hurting (aching). You give value to that particular part as Allah has given it to you out of His mercy and love. You also then start to thank Allah in advance for the relief of pain in that particular part of body. 

With your pain gone, you feel heartfelt gratitude for your Lord Who's just had His mercy upon you in the form of relief. 

Comments from people who got pain relief through Surah Rahman - Alhamndulillah - And you can too ! 

Taskia Alam says:

This surah saved my life. I often have sharp pain in my chest which is unbearable. Medicines didn't work but this surah did. When no one took care of me, Allah always did



Yammy World says:

I was faced gallbladder pain during pregnancy and I don't take any medicine.

I just listen it and My Allah Tala not disappointed me Alhamdulliah


Zunira says:

Exactly same happened to me , i am writing here with tears in my eyes. This surah saved me from i dont know what in my chest. ❤❤❤


Sabia Zahid says:

I have been suffering from spinal cord issues since 2015 and last year 2021 i was in severe condition i made a habit of listening this surah whenever i feel severe pain .. It works more than any therapy and medicine.. Alhamdulillah we muslims are so blessed..

Then which of the favours of your lord will you deny... ❤️❤


Sharmin Jahan says:

Alhamdullah! Surah Ar Rahman always reliefs  me from my pain and stress!

M.Hamza says:  

MASHALLAH....No doubt it has did same for me many times... A number of times i got sick and just used to listen this... SUBHANALLAH


Rohma Faran says:

This surah saves me during covid.. I was pregnant couldn't take any medication and my only medicine was listening to Surah Rahman.

Ayesha Shakeel says:

My mother was in ICU and was on ventilation ... We make her listen Surah Al-Rehman ... Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah she recovered

Sadia Binte Nazim says:

This surah is a cure. I was feeling so weak couldn't move. After listening this surah, it heals 80%  Subhan'Allah, Alhamdulillah. Allah is the greatest. Allahuakbar.

WindowsDoubleXP says:

Once I was on the brink of dying, I requested this exact YouTube video to be played. It helped me so much I survived and recovered. Truly, which of the favors of Our Lord do we deny? So much power in the Quran.

How to listen to it for pain relief

Just by listening to this Quran Surah, you will feel ease and relief in the body part that's aching. All you have to do is just stay present, patient, focused and thankful for the recitation.

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Thank Allah sincerely for this opportunity to relieve your pain
  3. Thank Allah for creating Surah Rahman and creating its barakah and blessings 
  4. Now start listening to Surah Rahman
  5. Thank Allah in advance again for pain relief

By the time you finish listening to Surah, your pain will have gone InshaAllah.

Any body part will be healed

This Quran Surah will heal all sorts of pain. You might be having pain in any part of your body such as: 

Heart, stomach, labour, tooth, leg, breast or chest, back, headache, eyes, ear, joint, knee, leg, nerve, neck, periods, physical, pregnancy, and emotional pain as well.



Thanks for reading Surah Rahman miracle for quick pain relief

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