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Quranic dua for parents' forgiveness Arabic English

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Forgiveness is one of the greatest blessings from Allah, for without it, we all wouldn't be able to amend, correct our negligence, wrongdoing and sins. 

To be able to get forgiven and free from our spiritual burdens, Allah has taught us beautiful duas and prayers that can be practiced.

Here is a a very powerful dua from Quran for your parents' forgiveness. This dua is mentioned in Surah Ibrahim verse 41

dua for parents forgiveness father mother in arabic english

Why ask Allah for parents' forgiveness

Being son or daughter, your job is to get yourself forgiven and get your father and mother forgiven. There are countless reasons why you need to request Allah for your parents' forgiveness. Here are some of the notable ones:

1) Parents are humans just like you

Being children we tend to forget that our parents are just like us. They are humans and they make mistakes just like we do. But throughout our life, we look up to our parents as super-humans who don't need any outside help. This child-like habit and ignorance of ours lead us to act arrogantly and selfishly toward our parents even as we grow older -- and we often forget to care for their spiritual needs. 
Dua for parents forgiveness in Arabic English


2) Parents have done us countless favors

The list of favours done to you by your parents is never-ending. Start thinking about how you started your life while you were in your mother's belly. You started receiving your rizq (food) right from there. So, reciting and practicing this dua will also ensure thankfulness on your part. 

Dua for parents forgiveness in English

  • Your mother risked her whole life while giving birth to you
  • Your father sheltered you, worked to put food on the table despite his own weaknesses and limitations
  • You received care and protection when you couldn't handle yourself at all

Thanks for reading Quranic dua for parents' forgiveness Arabic English

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