Thursday, February 10, 2022

Easy-read Surah Naas online Arabic | English

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, February 10, 2022

Here is an easy-to-read Arabic text for Surah Naas, along with English translation and transliteration. To help you pronounce easily and learn the Surah quickly, a video has also been added. 

Read surah naas online Arabic English full image

Arabic Text


  1. 1. Qul auzu bi rabbin naas
  2. Malikin-naas
  3. Ilahin-naas
  4. Min sharr'ril was-waasil khann-naas 
  5. Allazi yuwas-wisu fi sudoorin-naas
  6. Minal jinnati wan-naas

English translation

  1. Say: I look for shelter in the Lord of humankind,
  2. The King of humankind,
  3. The God of humankind,
  4. From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,
  5. Who murmured in the hearts of humankind,
  6. Of the jinn and humankind


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