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Surah Yasin miracles for all marriage issues - proposal, love marriage, problems

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Marriage is an important element in human life. Whether you are already married or are wishing to get married soon, you are probably going through a number of issues that you want resolved as quick as possible. 

When it comes to healing through Quran, there is ample help available in the form of various chapters or Surahs. One such chapter is Surah Yasin (Yaseen) that can literally turn around your situation and resolve all your marriage issues, fulfill wishes and end problems. 

Surah Yasin for marriage proposals, marriage problems, love marriage, rishta, shadi

There can be a number of things you will gain by reciting Surah Yasin InshaAllah:

  • Wanting to get married soon
  • Proposal acceptance for son or daughter
  • Finding good husband or wife
  • All sorts of marriage problems
  • Love marriage (Read later 👉 Is there love marriage in Islam)

How to recite for your marriage issues

  1. Recite 1 time after fajr (before Sunrise) - After recitation, make dua in your own language and give thanks to Allah in advance
  2. Recite 1 time after Asr prayer (if not possible after Asr, recite it after Isha) - After recitation, make dua in your own language and give thanks to Allah in advance
Continue this practice (wazifa/ruqya) until your problem is resolved.

Surah Yasin is miraculous & powerful 

No matter what's on your mind, Surah Yaseen can heal all your marriage-related problems through the mercy, power and generosity of God.

Allah wants us to believe in His presence, power and mercy. He also wants us to acknowledge our weaknesses, inability and faults first and then appeal/request to Him for His mighty Hands that can overpower anything for us.  

  • Allah is the one who created marriage and nikah
  • Allah has power over all proposals. Every human is under His command 
  • Allah can make arrangements for a person you like/love because you want to start a sin-free life, build a family and live according to His instructions.
  • Good husband or good wife is His creation. [Glory be the One Who created all pairs - Surah Yasin verse 36]

For faster results 

With Allah the Most Merciful, Most Intelligent and All-Powerful, everything is possible. Quick results are possible if you build powerful faith, patience and passion for a good life. So, practice Surah Yasin with full faith, thankfulness and fearlessness. Nothing can stand in your way when you set your mind to Allah with love and thankfulness. 

1) Do istaghfar - Accept and admit your weaknesses, fears and ask Allah to replace them with power, confidence and hope.
2) Practice thankfulness - thank Allah for every single blessing you have right now. Start thanking Allah in advance like He has already fulfilled your marriage wish and see miracles. 


Thanks for reading Surah Yasin miracles for all marriage issues - proposal, love marriage, problems

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