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Physical & spiritual benefits of ghusl & dangers of delaying it

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No matter what necessitated your ghusl - whether it is after intercourse with spouse or after periods, you are supposed to follow what Sunnah tells us to follow. It is for our own benefits. 

Before we talk about the benefits of performing ghusl, it makes sense to shed light on the dangers of delaying it. There are so many dangers and disadvantages of not doing ghusl when it is fard or obligatory. We will stick to the biggest risk.

Health and spiritual benefits of ghusl after sexual intercourse, periods and wet dream

Dangers of delaying ghusl 

Here is the most common danger that exists as a result of delaying ghusl when it has become compulsory due to reasons such as periods, intercourse, wet dream or ejaculation.  

1) Risk of missing obligatory prayers

Not taking a Ghusul (ritual bath) after sexual intercourse until the prayer time has passed can leave us sinful. Since prayer cannot be offered in a state of Janabah (impurity), delaying the ghusl poses a great risk and can attract displeasure of Allah as result of missing obligatory prayers. 

The Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) said: "Between the man and disbelief is abandoning the prayer (obligatory prayer)."

In another Hadith, The Prophet SAW said: ""The prayer is not accepted without purification." [Muslim]


Ghusl has physical as well as spiritual benefits. Despite so many benefits, the most primary reason to perform ghusl is to obey the instruction of Allah and His Messenger SAW as there are clear guidelines in Hadiths regarding purification.

1) Pleasure of Allah

When we obey Allah out of surrender and love, we attract His pleasure. Since performing ghusl is God's command, following His instruction will us a humble slave.

2) Enables you to worship again

The state of janabah (sexual impurity) keeps you from offering salah and reciting the Holy Quran. So taking Ghusl puts us back in the state that allows us to worship God again Alhamdulillah.

3) Body regains vitality and energy 

The body feels extremely exhausted after a sexual encounter. It appears to have carried a large weight. So by making ghusl, the body, which has been subjected to a large deal of cell damage and activity, feels relaxed and at ease. The body regains its strength and vigour.

4) Heals the mind and body 

The healing power of water not only cleanse the body, but it also cleans our mind and aura from negative energy that we accumulate throughout the day. 

5) Lightens up the mood

Cleaning the body, mind and entire aura with water refreshes the mood. 

6) Protection against skin diseases 

Every day, our hands come into contact with a variety of objects, resulting in the transmission of germs to our hands. Hand, face, and foot washing can help to prevent skin problems and inflammation.

7) Key body parts that get revitalized with ghusl

  • Nose: By cleaning the nostrils, dust and germs trapped there are prevented from entering the body.
  • Face: Washing your face strengthens your skin and eliminates heaviness in the head. It stimulates blood vessel and nerve activity.
  • Circulatory system eases: Ghusl keeps blood arteries from hardening and constricting. Washing the tonsils and the area behind the nose, which are two of the most significant lymphatic centres, stimulates the lymphatic system. Furthermore, cleaning (masah) the back and sides of the neck with wet hands is good to the lymphatic system. Ghusl eases lymphatic circulation, which allows warrior cells called lymphocytes to protect the body against invaders and boost resistance.
  • Improves heart health: Because the blood is less viscous and the arteries operate better, this can increase circulation throughout the body and to the extremities. A warm bath can reduce blood pressure and enhance cardiac function in persons who have never had a heart attack and are otherwise healthy.
  • Improves gastrointestinal health: Hemorrhoids and anal fissures can be relieved by ghusl. The sphincter gets relaxed as a result of the warmth of water, which aids in the healing of wounds after surgery.


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